Descendants of Roger du Costil

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Descendants of Roger du Costil

The links between the first four generations of this tree which was added to the site in 2018 by Guy Dixon are speculative. As with any trees this early, all dates are very approximate

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  • 1 Roger du Costil, son of John [1]
    • 2 Unknown Costil of St Clement
      • 3 John du Costil [2] m daughter of John Estur
        • 4 Guille du Costil (1450- ) m Perotte Unkn own
      • 3 Drouet du Costil (1425?- ) [3]
        • 4 Thomas du Costil (1450- ) [4]
        • 4 Laurens (du) Costil, living 1488 m Richarde Unknown
          • 5 Thomas Costil (1485- ) [5]
          • 5 Unknown Costil m Benest Le Brocq (1480-1535-) of St Ouen [6]
            • 6 Mathieu Le Brocq (1513-1595) [7]
            • 6 Benest Le Brocq, living 1537
            • 6 Thomasse Le Brocq m George du Heaume of St Ouen
          • 5 John Costil (1490- ) [8] m 1 (1521) Andrie, daughter of Thomas Botterel; 2 (1535) Katherine Unknown
          • 5 Richard Costil (1485- ) [16]

Notes and references

  1. Lived in St Clement in 1309, as did John du Costil, son of Guillaume, (Roll of the Assizes). A Roger du Costil, an archer at Mont Orgueil Castle in 1339, was perhaps the Roger who lived on the Fief ès Houguais, owing the Crown in 1331 for two bouvées of land in his parish, St Martin. In 1363 Colin du Costil of St Clement was living. In the Extente of 1607, John Le Moigne, Seigneur of the Fief Lemprière, in St Helier, owed the Crown 40 sous in discharge of Guille Costil, who will have previously held the fief. Le Moigne owed the Crown 42 sous for a Culver house (colombier) in the same parish, erected without permission by Thomas Lemprière, Le Moigne owing this 'in the right of his mother for the discharge of the sayd Guille Costil'". The latter, very possibly Le Moigne's grandfather, was living in 1528, owning land in St Helier.
  2. Parents unknown
  3. Parents unknown and sibling John uncertain. Lived in St Clement, Denonciateur -1462 m Michelle de la Rocque, daughter of Guille, (1400- ) of St Clement, Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff. See Hamptonne, research of Miss Julia Marett, La Haule Papers, "Contracts Books and Genealogies"
  4. Priest, living 1488, Rector of St Martin
  5. Priest, 1528
  6. Research of the Rev J A Messervy, (1917)
  7. Procureur of St Ouen, 1545; Constable -1553-81-1586, 1592-95 (descendants)
  8. Of the property now called Maitland, St Clement, Advocate of the Royal Court, -1531-
  9. Fille et héritière
  10. Constable of St Clement 1553-1556, whose family thus inherited the St Clement property, which was later inherited by the families Dumaresq, Nicolle and Anley
  11. Co-héritière
  12. Of Les Aix, Constable of St Peter 1578-1584
  13. Constable of St Peter 1584-1586
  14. Fille puinée
  15. Constable of St Ouen 1586-87, 1590-92, 1595-1601
  16. Constable of St Clement -1531- placement not certain
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