Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy and Elizabeth Mauger

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Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy

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  • 1 Thomas de Gruchy (1654- ) [1] m (1685, St J) Elizabeth Mauger d of Jean [2] and Elizabeth Romeril, d of Hélier
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy m (1713, Tr) Esther Cabot
      • 3 Esther de Gruchy (1714-1775) m (1741, Tr) Thomas Le Riche
      • 3 Thomas de Gruchy (1717-1771) m (1740, Tr) Marie Cabot d of Nicolas [Registre 56/119]
        • 4 Esther de Gruchy (1741- )
        • 4 Thomas de Gruchy (1742-1792)
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1745-1819) m Elie Pallot (1745-1815)
        • 4 Esther de Gruchy (1747-) m (1779, Tr) Jean de Gruchy
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1750?- ) m (1776, Tr) Sara Amy
          • 5 Jean de Gruchy (1777-1777)
          • 5 Esther de Gruchy (1778-1869) [3]
          • 5 Jean Francois de Gruchy (1781-1858) [4] m (1804, Tr) Esther Le Masurier (no issue)
          • 5 Thomas de Gruchy (1783-1787)
          • 5 Philippe de Gruchy (1786-1853) [5]
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1789-1845) m Henry Nicolle
          • 5 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1793-1846) m (1816, St H) Francois Nicolle
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1719-1791) [6] m (1745, St J) Elizabeth Luce
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1721-1797) m (1755, St J) Marie de Gruchy
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1757-1786) m (1778, St J) Jean Grandin
        • 4 Rachel de Gruchy (1761- ) m (1801, St J) Pierre Le Boutillier
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1763- )
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1766- ) m (1803, St Mt) [7] David Gaudin, Master Mariner [8]
        • 4 Jeanne de Gruchy (1769-1852) m (1794, St J) Josue Pinel
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1725- )
      • 3 Anne de Gruchy (1726- )
      • 3 Jeanne de Gruchy (1727- )
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy [9] m (1719, Tr) Marie Hocquard

Notes and references

  1. Of La Raulinerie, Ville à L`Evêque, Trinity
  2. Of Hérupe
  3. Housekeeper to her 2nd cousin, Thomas de Gruchy of St Helier, Silversmith
  4. Of La Raulinerie
  5. Soda Water Manufacturer, Pentonville, Middlesex, no issue. Heirs: Nicolles
  6. Wool Merchant, St John, (his P.C.C. Will)
  7. Elizabeth is described in the marriage entry as being "of St Mary". The godparents of her son George Gaudin were, in 1807, "Me Jean de Mse Elizabeth Esthur, femme dudit Me Jean de Gruchy", these being of La Mare, St Mary, (where their initials and the date 1797 feature on the south façade of the main house of the now-vineyard). Elizabeth`s father, Philippe de Gruchy of St John, had died in 1797 and her mother, Marie, just prior to the 5th February 1807. The connection with St Mary was through this same mother, née de Gruchy, whose nephew had settled in St Mary. This nephew was the 1807 godfather, Elizabeth`s 1st cousin, Jean de Gruchy. Elizabeth and her husband, David Gaudin, also chose Anne de Gruchy (1809) and Thomas de Gruchy (1810) as godparents for their children. The former will be Anne, daughter of the said Jean de Gruchy and Elizabeth Esthur, the latter possibly Anne`s 18 year old brother Thomas, but perhaps more likely, Thomas de Gruchy (1778-1846), the St Helier silversmith, who was Elizabeth`s paternal 1st cousin-once-removed. It can be assumed that Elizabeth was living with her St Mary relatives at the time of her marriage
  8. Of David Gaudin, Marion G. Turk wrote in The Quiet Adventurers in Canada,(Detroit: Harlo (1979)), 249: "Capt. David Gaudin, b late 1700s? d. 1860, mar. 1. Elizabeth de Gruchy, q.v., ...and 2. Elizabeth de Quetteville, b.1794? mar. 1812. Capt. David rem. ca. 1830 in his own schooner to Canada with some of his children. Settled in Port Dalhousie, NB, then in Ontario. 4 chn. by first wife." David Gaudin has many descendants, by both wives, in Canada and some in the U.S.A.
  9. Of Greenfield, in right of his wife
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