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Origin of Surname

Anglo-French-Latin-Greek: a nickname or trade-name from the Diamond.

English: an imitation form of the common Anglo-Saxon personal name Daegmund = Day-Protection (Old English daeg, day, brightness + mund, protection).

The Diamonds of Guernsey originate from James Diment or Dimond b. c1789-90 Devon, England and Elizabeth Druce b. 1792 Somerst, England. James and Elizabeth married on 21st Jun 1815 in Winsham, Somerset and moved to St Peter Port, Guensey between Nov. 1819 and Jul 1820. Their first 4 children born in Guernsey between 1820 and 1824 were baptised as DIMENT the following 5 were baptised as DIMOND. By the next generation the name had changed to DIAMOND. Most of James and Elizabeth's children either died young or immigrated. The Diamonds in Guernsey today descend for their son William Thomas 1831-1895 and his wife Susanna Enticott who was the only child to remain in Guernsey and have children.


  • Dimond
  • Diment

Notable Islanders

  • Peter Diamond - Swimming Coach

Family Trees

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