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Diving at St Aubin in the early 20th century
A display of diving at Havre des Pas in 1936. Second from top is Jersey's Empire gold medallist Dot Macready. Picture Evening Post
The popular public diving stage in Belcroute Bay

It seems amazing given the illustrious history of the sport in the island that competitive diving stopped in Jersey in 2005 because there were no qualified coaches available.

The history of the sport dates back to the early 1900s, when divers competed at the Havre des Pas pool, and diving stages at St Aubin's Harbour, and just around the corner in Belcroute Bay, were very popular with recreational divers.

The earliest island diving star was George Yvon (1887-1957), who represented Britain in the 1912 and 1920 Olympics, although he was born in France. He came third in his group in the 1912 Olympics and did not make the final, which was dominated by Swedish divers, who took all three medals and comprised six of the eight finalists.

Yvon was followed by on the international stage by Dot Macready, winner of the British Empire Ladies High Diving Championships in 1934.

There have been further representation by Jersey divers in Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

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