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Elizabeth Mary Ann Dix, nee Moore was born in St Helier in 1851, the daughter of master mariner Moses (1825-1892) and Elizabeth, nee Elliott (1829- ). She married James Dix (1841-1909) in Portland, Dorset in 1870. The couple are pictured in about 1900 with five of their 18 children, including Emma Lydia, the eldest surviving, on the right and Sophia Nora

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Origin of Surname

The surname Dix is derived from the forename Dick, a diminuitive of RIchard

Early records

The Dix family was not present in Jersey until the 1850s when Frederick Dix and his wife Louisa Barnes, arrived in Jersey from Suffolk, with four children, the youngest of whom died shortly after their arrival. They had seven more children born in Jersey.


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