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Drelaud/Drillot family page


The Drelaud family of Longueville in 1910

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Origin of Surname

For what is obviously a name of French origin, it is surprising that we have been unable to find any references to its derivation in any of the books and websites we normally use for this purpose. Neither do there appear to be any Drelauds or Drillots living in France at the present time, nor any with close variations of the names. There are, however, at least eight Drelaud households in Jersey.

Early records

The Drelaud/Drillot surname first appeared in Jersey in the early 1700s. The will of Marie Basty, widow of Pierre Drillaux, dated 1726, says that they sought refuge in the island because of their protestant religion. In 1744, her son André's will, confirms that they were religious refugees, that they were originally from the French province of Poitou, and had been living in the Channel Islands for forty years. This timing is consistent with the second influx of Huguenot refugees.

One branch of the family moved to Sark, where they were amongst the early settlers. In 1750, Noë Drillot married Marie Bonamy of Guernsey, and they settled there and started the Guernsey branch of the family.

The modern spelling has settled at Drelaud in Jersey and Drillot in Guernsey.

Family link

Note by Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson:

"After conducting further research I am not convinced that all the Drelaud and Drillo(t) families in Jersey are connected. Louis Drillaud (1671-1747) left Poitou and settled in Jersey. He and his wife Marie Baubin had four sons and a daughter. The only son for whom there are details of a marriage and children was Jean (1744- ) who married Elizabeth Mauger. Their son Jean (1726- ) left Jersey for Sark, probably with his father and grandfather. His brother Noe married and left Jersey for Guernsey, where his children were born.
"I do not believe that this is the same family as the Drillo family of Trinity, a link to whose baptisms is given below.
"There was one Drelaud family in Jersey in the 19th century. Pierre Drelaud, who is at the head of the family, appears to have been born in Jersey, although I have not yet found a record of his baptism or details of his parents. Nor have I been able to find anything to link this family to the earlier Drillo or Drillot families."

Alternative view

However, John David Drelaud, who has conducted extensive research into his ancestors, has sent the following:

"Pierre Drelaud that married Marie Das(s)on in St Helier in 1810 made their home in St John. It is only circumstantial but at the time of their marriage they were both living at Maufant, which is where the Drelaud clan were residing. In Sark there is reference to a Mr Drillot being the Seigneur de Maufant. Also on the 1841 census it indicates that Pierre Drelaud from St John was not in fact born in Jersey. At the time I guessed he must have been born in Sark or Guernsey the most likely being Sark but I had no proof. The Sark records are patchy at best around this time.
"In a land transaction shortly after he took up residence in St John it stated Pierre fils de Jean, so we now had his fathers name. I suspected he was the youngest son of Jean from Sark. Purely by coincidence I was trawling the internet for variant spellings of Drelaud and found a will registered in London in the National Archives. I think it was of Anne Driliot formerly of Sark. It listed her brothers and sisters and their children which included the missing link Pierre son of her brother Jean.
"In Louis's will from 1747, if I recall, the name was spelt Driliot also. His will also listed all of his children. I am linked by Pierre's son John who married Anne Le Boutillier. The Le Boutillier family emigrated to Canada and John and Anne were meant to follow but never did. I have copies of letters sent to me from Canada that were written in French pages and English pages about 1855.
"Their son Hedley John Drelaud was my great grandfather. He died in 1953 four years before I was born. His son, my grandfather was Hedley John Rodda Drelaud who died in 1980 aged 91. My father Peter Charles Drelaud was 82 last week."


  • Drelaud
  • Drillot
  • Drillaud
  • Drillaux
  • Drillo

Family records


Family trees




Great War service

Sons of Hedley John and Mary Ann Elizabeth Rodda

  • Albert Edward Drelaud (1898-1989) (St H) Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, wounded
  • Alfred Thomas Drelaud (1893-1965) (St H) Sergeant RJGB

Sons of John and Amelia Agnes Blampied

  • Henry Drelaud (1882- ) (St H) Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps, wounded
  • John Blampied Drelaud (St H) Private, Somerset Light Infantry, PoW


Family wills

Family gravestones

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