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Hurel family page

This name can be found in Jersey in various spellings back to the 14th century


Florence Augustine du Hurel was baptised in St Helier in 1878

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Origins of surname

This name, common in the Manche department of Normandy, is derived from hure, which in old French signified a head with spiky hair. There are many spelling variations throughout France, in addition to those shown below which are found in Jersey records.

Early records

As the variants below show, this name, in one spelling or another, can be found in Jersey records as far back as the 14th century, but in the era of Church family records, it has never been numerous.

A family can be traced back to the early 17th century, when Richard Hurel arrived from France and married Catherine Nouel in St Martin, but burial records suggest that there were a number of families, possibly related, in Jersey during the second half of the previous century, probably also relatively recent arrivals from Normandy.

The family appears to have died out in the mid 18th century, but Hurels can again be found in 19th century census records, again arrivals from Normandy.

The name is still present today, and it is likely that the 21st century Hurels can only trace their ancestry in Jersey back to the mid-1800s.


  • du Hurel
  • Hurel
  • Lehurele, 1340
  • Le Hurel

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