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Esnouf family page


Elizabeth Esnouf (1832-1905) (St My) emigrated to Salem, USA. Daughter of Abraham (1806- ) and Nancy Ann Corbel (1803- ), married Abel Lamb

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Origin of Surname

The name is derived from the Norse name 'Eanwulf' or 'Aginwulf', a combination of agin, blade of a sword, and wulf, wolf. It is very much a name of Normandy and particularly Manche.

Early records

The name is found in the Extente of 1528

Simon Esnouf was born in Jersey in about 1544 and had a son Simon (1570- ) who married Sara Lesbirel in 1606.


The first five spellings are found in Jersey

  • Esnouf
  • Esnaud
  • Esneault
  • Esnough
  • Enouf

  • Esnault
  • Esnaulf
  • Esnol
  • Esnoul
  • Esnouff
  • Enoul
  • Enou
  • Enoult
  • Enout
  • Esnoult
  • Esneu
  • Esneult
  • Ernou
  • Ernoul
  • Ernoult
  • Ernoux
  • Ernouf

Family records


Family trees


Church records


Great War service

  • Cecil Ernest Esnouf (1898- ) (St H) son of Ernest and Martha Lydia Jane Voisin, OV, ex-RMIJ, Lieutenant, RFA
  • Cecil John Esnouf (1885- )(St H) son of Philip and Louisa Mary Evans, Private, RAMC
  • George Hayter Esnouf (1891- ) (St H) ex-RMIJ, Air Mechanic, RAF
  • John George Henry Esnouf (1891- ) (St S) son of George Hayter and Emma Esther, ex-RMIJ, Gunner, RGA
  • Percival Philip Esnouf (1878- ) (St H), son of Philip and Louisa, husband of Ivy Jane, OV, Colour Sergeant, RMIJ
  • Percy Stanley Harold Esnouf (1887- ) (St H) son of William Thomas and Jane Amelia Eliza, husband of Annie Louisa, ex-RMIJ, Corporal RGA
  • Philip John Richard Esnouf (1897- ) (St H) son of John David Misson Esnouf and Gertrude Florence Collings, Able Seaman RN, HMS Defiance
  • Reginald Francis Esnouf (1880- )(St H) son of Philip and Louisa Mary Ennis , Private, Labour Corps


Family wills


Family homes

Family gravestones

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