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Le Blanc family members who served in the Great War


Grave of John Cyril Le Bas at Lapugnoy Military Cemetery

Two members of the family were killed in World War One and another 12 saw active service

  • Private Edgar Arthur Le Blancq (1895-1916) son of Philip James and Isabel Susannah, Private, Royal Sussex Regiment, killed in action
  • John Cyril Le Blancq (1896-1918) son of John Simon and Louisa Jane, Private, Hampshire Regiment, died of wounds
  • Clarence Durell (1890- ) (St L) son of Pierre and Maria Susan, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Durell Larner (1885- ) (St L) son of Peter, Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • Edward John (1876- ) (St L) son of Elias Nicolle and Annie (All Saints), Warrant Officer 1, RASC
  • Elsie May (1889- ) daughter of Charles William and Emma Mason, Red Cross, Netley
  • Frederick Charles (1888- ) (St L) son of Elie Nicolle and Ann, Sergeant, RAMC
  • Hedley (St L), L-Cpl, Hampshire Regiment, ex-RMIJ
  • Henry Charles (1878- ) (St L) son of Elie Nicolle and Ann, Private, Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion, ex-RMIJ
  • Leonard Philip (1893- ) (St Luke) son of Philip James and Isabel Susannah, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers
  • Stanley Charles (1887- ) (St S) son of Charles William and Emma, Captain, East Yorkshire Regiment, ex-RMIJ, wounded
  • Thomas John (1879- ) (St P) son of Thomas and Jeanne, Private, Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  • Thomas Francis (1882- ) (St P) son of Thomas and Jeanne, Mercantile Marine
  • Walter Henry Raymond (St H), husband of Edith Mary Jane, Private RE
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