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  • Origins of surnames
  • Early records in Jersey
  • Spelling variations
  • Family trees
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The links below provide access to the heart of Jerripedia's family history information

- 1024 -

families are now included, as of 22 May 2017

New pages and data

We are adding links to wills held by Jersey Archive to all our family pages, and we are also making good progres with adding a new set of over a thousand photographs of gravestones in Jersey cemeteries to the appropriate pages. In addition to this work we are redesigning the layout of family pages to make them easier for researchers to use.

And, since the addition of over 100,000 more church records to our database early in 2017, all the baptism listings on these pages need to be updated.

It will take some time to bring all existing pages up to date, so please bear with us if you do not find the full set of records on a page you are researching.

  • We are working through the family pages in alphabetical order and as of 22 May 2017 we have completed all pages up to Le Claire, although we have yet to add Great War service records to pages for those with surnames from B-H. If you arrive at a baptism listing separately, those which have been updated feature a tinted box with a colour baptism logo.

Baptism listings

The lists of baptisms for each family are being updated to include the new records released in 2017 and, because these now duplicate the majority of records of central registrations of births from 1842 onwards, only baptisms are being shown in the family page lists. If baptisms and births for a family were previously shown on separate pages, the link to the birth records page has been retained. If you are looking for an ancestor who might not have been baptised, you will find birth records for all parishes except St Helier in our associated database.

We have concentrated on updating baptism listings for the whole island and separate lists for different parishes which were previously included for a small number of families have been deleted.

Information wanted

Where details are lacking we are always pleased to hear from those of you who are researching these families for your own trees and whose knowledge is more extensive than ours. To discuss new material, or to suggest any corrections that may be needed on existing pages, please send an email to, using Jerripedia as the subject of your email.

This list of names is not exhaustive and if you think a particular family is missing and should be added to the list, please let us know. The basic criterion for inclusion is that the family page should link to at least one family tree of three generations or more, with strong Jersey connections. We are interested in families which arrived in Jersey in the second half of the 20th century and are now into their third generation. This particularly includes families originating in France and Portugal.

If researchers have information which can take trees for these families back several generations in the places they originated, that will prove of enormous value to family historians today and in the future, and help build up a new chapter of Jersey's immigrant families.


The derivation of many of these surnames is explained in an article by George Balleine, Derivation of Jersey Surnames, and we have added further articles on Old family names of the Channel Islands and Jersey names of French origin. We have also included a comprehensive list of Jersey surnames which has remained unpublished for many years since it was drawn up. It gives avaluable guide to the antiquity of surnames and the many variations in spelling.

And beware that just because a Jersey's ancestor's name sounds French, does not mean that it is necessarily a long-established island surname, or even originates in France. Read The perils of French sounding names.

Jersey was an island where the majority of the population spoke Jèrriais and/or French until well into the 19th century. Some country families did not have English as their main language until the late 20th century and the business of the States and publication of its laws were in French until early in that century. Consequently, the vast majority of children born in the island were given French personal names to go with their, largely, French surnames. This only began to change in the 19th century. Wherever possible the members of the family trees in this section of Jerripedia are shown with the names they were baptised with, but where these trees have been copied in their entirety from trees published elsewhere, or downloaded from family tree software packages, it is possible that anglicised versions of the correct French names will have been used.

Family trees

Included in the family pages are links to all Jerripedia's family trees for that family. We try to keep these links up-to-date but if trees have been added recently by contributors to the site it is possible that some indexes will not be fully updated. You can also check our Index of all family trees, which is always the first index we update, to see if there are any recently added trees not yet linked from a particular family page.


The family pages contain images of each family's gravestones in a number of Jersey cemeteries. The project to photograph these stones is not yet complete and about two-thirds of cemeteries are covered at present.


Wills from 1666 to 1948 are available on the Jersey Heritage website. By visiting the archive site it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. We are progressively adding an index of wills to all our 800-plus family pages. We also have a full A-Z index for nearly 15,000 wills in the Archive collection. To find out more about this collection and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page.

Jersey families

Although some spelling variants are included in this index, the majority of entries are the most common spelling of the family name.

If you do not find the family you are researching, look for a close alternative spelling (perhaps with or without a prefix such as 'de' or 'Le')

A'Court Aanensen Abbot Abel Abraham
Adair Adams Agnes Ahier Alexandre
Allain Allez Allicette Allix Allo
Alluto Amiot Amiraux Amy Anderson
Andrews Angel Anley Anquetil Anthoine
Appleby Arm Armstrong Arnold Arrowsmith
Arthur Ashelford Aspley Atkins Aubert
Aubin Audrain Auffray Auffret Aumont
Averty Avrill
Baal Babot Badier Bailey Bailhache
Bailleul Baker Balcam Balleine Balston
Bandinel Banks Bannier Barbet Barbey
Barbier Barette Barnes Barney Barreau
Barrot Bartlett Bashford Bassett Bastin
Bates Battam Battrick Bauche Baudains
Baxter Beauchamp Beaugeard Beaugie Beaumont
Bechelet Bechemin Bechervaise Beck Becquet
Beer Beghin Begurel Belford Belin
Bellee Bellenger Bellot Benest Benham
Bennett Benoit Berry Bertaut Berthelot
Bertram Beslievre Beuzeval Bevis Biard
Bichard Biddlecombe Bigrel Biles Billot
Binet Bisson Blake Blampied Blanchard
Blanchet Bliault Blondel Boielle Bois
Boivin Boleat Bond Bonhomme Boomer
Boschat Bosdet Bossy Botrel Bottomley
Boucault Bouchere Boudier Bougeard Bourgoise
Bouteloup Bouton Bowden Bower Bradshaw
Bragg Brake Bras-de-Fer Brasford Bredlot
Brée Brevint Briard Brideaux Bridle
Brine Brochet Brohier Brophy Brunet
Buesnel Buhot Butel Butler
Cabeldu Cabot Cadiou Cadoret Caillet
Cailletau Canivet Cantell Carboulec Carcaud
Carenduff Carpenter Carre Carrel Carter
Catelinet Cavey Cawley Cayzer Chambers
Champion Chandler Channing Chaperon Chapman
Chatel Chevalier Ching Chouquet Churchill
Clarke Clement Clifford Cloarec Cobden
Cock Coignard Colback Cole Colebrook
Coleman Collas Collenette Colville Conefray
Conett Connell Connor Conway Cooke
Cooper Copp Corbel Corbet Corbin
Cornet Cornic Cornish Cory Cosnard
Cotard Cotillard Coulomb Couppey Courcoux
Coutanche Cox Crill Cristin Croad
Croissard Cronin Cudlipp Cuming Curry
Curtis Curwood
d'Arthenay d'Authreau d'Auvergne d'Avoine d'Orleans
Dacam Daghorn Dale Dallain Dalton
Daniel Darragh Dart Davey Dawe
Dawson Day de Barentin de Bourcier de Caen
de Carteret de Caux de Chateaubriand de Faye de Gruchy
de Guelle de Jersey de La Cour de La Garde de La Haye
de La Lande de La Mare de La Perrelle de La Place de La Rocque
de La Rue de la Taste de Lecq de Louche de Quetteville
de Rue de Soulemont de St Martin de St Paer de Ste Croix
de St George de Veulle Deakins Dean Deffains
Delaval Denis/Dennis Denize Denton Descaudeville
Deslandes Despres Des Reaux des Vaux Dickson
Dimmick Dingle Dix Dodge Dolbel
Dorey Doublet Douglas Dowinton Downer
Downton Drelaud/Drillot Drouin Drummond du Bois
du Boscq du Feu du Fresne du Heaume du Hurel
du Jardin du Parcq du Val Dubras Duchemin
Duhamel Dumaresq Dunell Duquemin Dupré
Durand Durell Dutot
Eager Ebdon Ecobichon Edgar Egan
Egre Elliott Ellis Eloury England
Ennis Ereaut Esnouf Estur Etiemble
Fairweather Fallaize Falla Falle Fallu
Faramus Farley Farrell Fautrart Fauvel
Fearon Ferbrache Feret Ferguson Ficquet
Fielding Filiastre Filleul Fiott Fisher
Fixott Flambard Fletcher Fleury Foard
Follain Fondan Foott Ford Fossey
Fowler Fox Francois French Fromage
Frost Fruing Fry
Gabeldu Gabourel Gale Gallichan Gallie
Gallienne Garnier Gartrell Gasnier Gaudin
Gaudion Gautier Gautron Gauvain Gavey
Geary Geffrard Gellender George Georgelin
Germain Gervaise Gibaut Gibbs Gicquel
Giffard Gihomar Gilbert Gillam Gillard
Gilley Gillingham Giot Girard Glendewar
Goaziou Gobes Goddard Godeaux Godel
Godfray Goldsmith Goodfellow Gorey/Gouray Gorin
Gorvel Gosselin Gosset Gottrel Goubert
Gough Gould Gouyette Grandin Graut
Gray Green Gregory Griffin Griffith
Grigriy Grimshaw Grindin Groizard Grossier
Gruchy Guegan Guenier Gueno Guerdain
Guerin Guillaume Guilliard Guille Guillet
Guiton Gumbrell Gunton Guppy Guy
Hacking Hacquoil Hake Halls Hamel
Hamelin Hamling Hammond Hamon Hamptonne
Hancock Handy Hansford Harben Hardeley
Harding Harris Harrison Harvey Harzo
Hâtain Hawkins Healy Heath Helleur
Hemery Henderson Henley Henry Henwood
Hepburn Herault Herivel Heron Herve
Hervieu Hettich Hibbs Hicks Hilgrove
Hill Hine Hoare Hobbs Hocquard
Holley Holmes Holt Honeycombe Hooper
Hopkins Horman Horton Hotton Houguez
Houiellebecq Houssel Howard Hoyles Huard
Hubert Huchet Hue Huelin Hughes
Hunt Hurel Hutchings
Idan/Ydan Ingouville Ingram Isherwood Ivey
Jacklin Jackson Jacob Jacquett Jaffrey
Jandron Janvrin Jarrett Jarvis Jean
Jeandron Jeanne Jegou Jehan Jenkins
Jeune Johnson Jolin Jones Joslin
Joste Jouanny Jouault Jouguet Journeaux
Juhel Jutize
Keeping Kelly Kemish Kent Kerby
Kerslake King Kingston Kitts Knight
L'Amy L'Enfant L'Her La Cloche La Croix
La Gerche Labey Lael Laffeteur Laffoley
Lair Laisney Lander Landhatherland Landick
Langlois Larbalestier Laugeard Laugee Laurens
Le Bailly Le Bas Le Bastard Le Ber Le Blanc
Le Blond Le Boeuf Le Boulanger Le Bourdon Le Bourgeois
Le Boutillier Le Breton Le Breuilly Le Brun Le Brocq
Le Cacheur Le Calvez Le Capelain Le Caumais Le Caux
Le Cerf Le Claire Le Clerc Le Cocq Le Conte
Le Cordier Le Cornu Le Couillard Le Court Le Couteur
Le Couve Le Cras Le Cronier Le Cuirot Le Dain
Le Druillenec Le Duc Le Febvre Le Feuvre Le Filiastre
Le Fondre Le Four Le Gallais Le Garignon Le Gendre
Le Geyt Le Goupil Le Grand Le Gresley Le Gros
Le Hardy Le Hegarat Le Herissier Le Huquet Le Lacheur
Le Lerre Le Liard Le Lievre Le Lion Le Long
Le Loreur Le Main Le Maistre Le Manquais Le Marinel
Le Marquand Le Masurier Le Mercier Le Meur Le Miere
Le Moignan Le Moigne Le Monnier Le Montais Le Mottee
Le Mottais Le Neveu Le Noble Le Page Le Pavoux
Le Pennec Le Petit Le Piez Le Poidevin Le Porcq
Le Prevost le Quelenec Le Quesne Le Ray Le Regle
Le Rendu Le Riche Le Riolet Le Rossignol Le Rougetel
Le Roux Le Ruez Le Sage Le Saux Le Sech
Le Sauteur Le Sauvage Le Seelleur Le Sueur Le Tacon
Le Templier Le Tourneur Le Troquer Le Tubelin Le Vaillant
Le Vannais Le Vavasseur Le Vesconte Le Veslet Lecaudey
Legg Leigh Lempriere Leonard Leopold
Lerrier Lesbirel Letto Lewis Lihou
Lillicrap Liot Liron Little Lucas
Luce Lys
Mabey Machon Macready Mahier Mahy
Mackenzie Mahaut Mahier Maillard Male
Mallet Maloret Malzard Manning Marais
Marett Margrie Marie Marks Marshall
Martel Martin Mason Matson Matthews
Mattingley Mauger Mayne Mc Allen Mc Dermott
Mc Donald Mc Kee McLinton Medland Menard
Merhet Mesny Messervy Metivier Michel
Millais Miller Minchinton Minier Misson
Mitchell Moignard Moisan Mollet Monamy
Monckton Monet Moody Moore Morel
Morin Morley Morris Morvan Moses
Moss Moulin Mourant Moyse Murray
Nant Neel Neho Newman Nicholson
Nicolle Noel Norman Norris Nugent
Ogier Olliver Orange Orviss Osborne
Osment Ouless Ozanne Ozouf
Paisnel Pallie Pallot Palmer Paris
Parker Parsons Paskins Pasturel Patch
Patriarche Patson Patterson Paull Payn
Pearce Pelgue Pellier Penwell Pepin
Perchard Perkins Perree Perrier Perrin
Perrot Petit Philippes de Gorrequer Phillips Picot
Pigeon Pike Pinel Pinglaux Pipon
Pirouet Pitman Piton Pixley Poch
Podger Poignand Poignard Poingdestre Poole
Pope Potier Pouclee Powell Preston
Priaulx Price Prouings Prouten Pugsley
Puirvaux Purchase
Quemard Quenault Queree Queripel Quesnel
Rabasse Rabet Raffray Raimbault Ralph
Ramier Randall Rapsey Ratel Rault
Rebindaine Redman Remon Remy Renault
Renouard Renouf Reynolds Ricard Richardson
Richmond Richomme Ricou Riley Rimeur
Rimington Rive Robert Robilliard Robin
Robinson Roche Rogers Roissier Rolland
Romeril Rondel Rose Rouault Rouet
Roussel Routier Rowcliffe Rowe Roy
Sadler Salmon Salter Samson Sanders/Saunders
Sangan Sarre Saussey Sauvage Sauvey
Scriven Seale Searle Sebire Seward
Seymour Shackell Shales Shave Shaw
Shenton Shepherd Sherry Short Shousmith
Showell Simmons Simon Simonet Sinclair
Sinel Single Sinnatt Skelton Slous
Snow Sohier Sorel Sorsoleil Sprague
Spratt Springate Squibb Smith Starcq
Statt Steel Stevens Stille Stocall
Stokes Stone Stratford Sullivan Surcouf
Talibard Tanguy Tanner Tardivel Taylor
Tessier Thatcher Thelland Therin Thomas
Thompson Thoreau Thorn Tibot Tirel
Tocque Tomes Tostevin Touet Tourgis
Touzel Toy Trachy Tramp Troy
Tucker Turmel Turner Turpin
Valet Vallois Valpy Vardon Varney
Vasse Vasselin Vaucourt Vaudin Vautier
Venement Vetier Vibert Viel Vicq
Vincent Vivian Voisin
Wakeham Waldron Walker Walkey Warren
Waters Watkins Watts Whitley Willcox
Willis Wyatt
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