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Ficquet family page

Ficquet Bay is a rocky cove in the centre of this picture. To the right is the sandy beach of Beauport, and on the left La Moye Prison


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Origins of surname

The name does not appear in any of our usual sources of surmanes. Fiquemont and variations are found in France as placenames, from which similar surnames are derived, but we have found no derivation for the original name.

Early records

This surname can be found in parish church records as early as the 16th century, and earlier in spelling variations in other island records. The marriage of Jean Ficquet to Marie Mollet took place in St Saviour in 1588. They had a number of children, as did another Jean Ficquet, married to Margueritte, and Daniel Ficquet, married to Katherine, at about the same period.

The family appears to have died out in the male line in Jersey in about 1720.

The name is said to survive in the placenames Leaux de Ficquet, Mont Ficquet and Ficquet Bay, but the only one of these we have been able to locate is Ficquet Bay, which is on the western end of Jersey's south coast, west of Beauport and south-east of La Moye Prison.


  • Ficquet, 1607
  • de Ficcuet, 1461
  • Fiquet
  • Fequet, a possible variant

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