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Filleul family page


Edna Myrtle Filleul (1914-1998)

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Origin of Surname

This is a French word for godson. Various spellings have been used over the years, and still are in parts of France, but only ‘Filleul’ survives in Jersey today.

Early records

The first Filleul to settle in Jersey was Thomas Le Filleul, former Vicomte de Coutances, who came to the island in about 1430. The Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains two Filleuls.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Thomas Le Filleul, of the parish of Pirou, Vicomte of Coutances, settled in Jersey circa 1430, from whom descend all of this name in the island. This Thomas, in 1435, sold his French estates to his brother, .John Le Filleul, and thus ceased to have any connection with the Duchy of Normandy.

The family is an offshoot from the family of Filleul, Seigneurs of Freneuse, in Normandy, from which source also spring the Seigneurs de Chesnets and other branches of the same name, noticed by French genealogists. The first of the branch of Freneuse, Durand Filleid, was, as several of his descendants subsequently became, Mayor of Rouen in 1268, and was at this early period, certified as belonging to an ancient and considerable family of that city. Amauri Filleul, Seigneur of Freneuse in 1353, was, with John Mustel, sent into England as hostage for the deliverance of King John of France, where both died in exile.

Among several branches, of the family, the most important, that of St Clement, is represented by the Rev Philip Filleul, Vice-Dean of Jersey, and Rector of St Helier.


As borne by the Rev Philip Filleul: Argent, on a head, gules, three escallops, or. Impaling : argent, a digamma, sable, for Valpy.

Crest : An anchor, or, cabled ppr.

Motto: Facta non verba.


  • Filleul, 1668
  • Filleuel 1607
  • Fileul 1528
  • Fillieul
  • Lefilleul
  • Filleux
  • Fillieux
  • Fileut
  • Filleut

Family records


Family trees

There is a considerable overlap between the last two trees above, but having been derived from separate sources, they have been presented individually, although both lacking in much detail. The tree below is an attempt to produce a definitive version of this descendancy, bringing together the two existing trees, a further submitted tree, and parish church records




Family histories


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Family gravestones

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