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Francois family page


Winifred Francois, nee Ewins

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John Le Francois

Origins of surname

Although in the many variations of spelling this name translates as 'French' or 'the Frenchman', it may equally have derived from the personal name Francois, the French equivalent of Francis or Frank, and not have been intended as a specific indication of nationality. After all, why would the French want to single out someone who did not already have a surname as being French?

Early records

The name first appears in Jersey church records in the late 16th century, but the list of variants below shows that it can be found in official documents as early at the 13th century.

There were only a handful of baptisms and marriages in the 17th and 18th centuries and there is no apparent link between these early records and further central registrations in the 19th century.


  • Francois, 1607
  • Francais
  • Le Francais
  • Le Francoys 1515
  • Le Franceys,
  • Franceys c1326
  • Le Franchois, 1381
  • Le Franchoys 1402
  • Le Francheis 1381
  • Le Franceis
  • Fraunceis
  • Fraunceys 1309
  • de Frankes 1214

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