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Fromage family page


Maria Rachel Anne Fromage married Peter Henry Richard in St Martin in 1908

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Origins of surname

Fromage is French for cheese, so the name was probably given to someone who made or sold cheese. The name is found throughout France in a variety of spellings. Fromage is the spelling found in Jersey, and Fromage or Fromagé is the form commonly found in the Normandy departments closest to Jersey - Manche and Calvados.

Other variants shown below are not found in Jersey.

It is also noted that the name may have been given to a round plot of land, or a large round anthill, and thence to someone living nearby.

Early records

The name, which is still present today, has never been common in Jersey since it arrived in the 1870s. There were only four births registered up to 1920, and these were in St Lawrence (2), St Martin and Trinity.


  • Fromage
  • Fromagé
  • Fromageat
  • Fromageau
  • Fromager
  • Fromaget

Family records


Family trees

Family gravestones

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