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Gilbert family page


Amelia Gilbert (1840-1918), daughter of James, of Devon, and Mary Treadway

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Origins of surname

Not surprisingly, this surname came from the personal name with the same spelling, and although it is established throughout the British Isles, it is of Norman French origin - Guilbert - going back even further to the Germanic Gislebert.

Early records

Guilbert is found in Jersey church records as early as 1579, but other records in various spellings go back to the 13th century. Gilbert is not a name which has ever truly become established and it is likely that several lines have died out, to be replaced by new immigrant families. The list of marriages below shows that several of the men arrived in Jersey from Guernsey

  • Jean Gilbert married Susanne Maugier in St Brelade in 1637
  • Jacques, from France, married Elizabeth Chevalier of St Helier in St Mary in 1750
  • James, from Guernsey, married Elizabeth Guilliard, also of Guernsey, in St Saviour in 1783
  • Henry, from Guernsey, married Anne Huart of St Brelade in that parish in 1786
  • Nicolas, from GUernsey, married Marguerite Le Cras, of St Saviour, in 1822
  • Jean Marie, from St Malo, married Josephine Aglae Payn in St Helier in 1826
  • James, from Ireland, married Mary Bolt, of Weymouth in St Helier in 1832
  • William, from Cornwall, married Elizabeth Radford, of Devon, in St Helier in 1832
  • Augustine Hearn, RN, married Olivia Ellen Daly, of Dublin, in St Helier in 1833


  • Gilbert
  • Guilbert
  • Guibert 1607
  • Gilbert, 1299
  • Guilber 1461
  • Guillebert, 1331

Family records


Family trees


Births and baptisms


Great War service

  • Charles Winter Gilbert (1891- ) (St Mt) son of Auguste Thomas and Louisa Mary Jane, ex-RMIJ, Private, Labour Corps
  • Clarence Gilbert, OV, Lieutenant, Punjabi Rifles, no Jersey family connection
  • Maud Gilbert, British Red Cross, no Jersey records


Family wills

These wills created by members of the Gilbert family are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Arthur Gilbert, 3 Halkett Street, St Helier - 4 July 1932, D/Y/A/93
  • Fanny Gilbert, The Halt, Pontorson Lane, St Clement - 17 March 1944, D/Y/A/112
  • Walter Gilbert, St Lawrence - 8 March 1934, D/Y/A/96

  • Amelia Guibert, 25 Charles Street, St Helier - 20 October 1931, D/Y/A/92
  • Augustine Guilbert of St Saviour - 4 July 1892, D/Y/A/51

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