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Girard family page


Daphne Agnes Girard, born in Guernsey in 1917, photographed at a family wedding in Jersey

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Origin of Surname

The surname Girard is believed to be of Germanic origin (ger = throw, hard = hard), and is found throughout France, particularly in the Vendée region.

In Guernsey, it is first found in the Assize Rolls of 1309 which refer to one Peter Girard of St Saviours who was brought before the court for obstructing the King's Highway by the stones of his wall which fell into the King's Highway and did not take away the obstruction.

The name is also found in Jersey.

Family records


Jersey family trees


Jersey church records

Notable Islanders

  • Peter J Girard (1913-??), headmaster, horticulturalist and island historian

Family album

Family gravestones

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Further Reading

  • Fleure, HJ, Notes on Family Names in the Castel, RGS, Summer 1956
  • Girard, Peter J, Les Vinaires and Les Menages, St Peters, RGS, Summer 1981
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