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Sir Graham Martyn Dorey (b. 1932) was Bailiff of Guernsey from 1992 to 1999.

The second son of fruit grower, Martyn Dorey and Elsie Muriel, née Pickard, Graham Martyn Dorey was born at 'Belstone' on Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampsons, Guernsey, on 15 December 1932.

He was evacuated to Scotland during World War II and started at Kingswood School, Bath. After the war he continued his education at the École des Roches, Verneuil, Normandy, and the universities of Bristol and Caen (Normandy). He was made an Advocate of the Royal Court of Guernsey in 1960. On 5 September 1962 he married Penelope Wheadon.

In 1973, Dorey was appointed H.M. Comptroller, and in 1977 H.M. Procureur.

In 1982 he became Deputy Bailiff and started campaigning for a new Guernsey Flag, chairing the Guernsey Flag Committee. The new flag was adopted on 15 February 1985.

Dorey was appointed Bailiff in February 1992 and was knighted on 14 July 1993 at Buckingham Palace. Whilst in office as Bailiff of Guernsey he oversaw the response to territorial fishing disputes with French fishermen within the Gulf of St Malo.

Graham Dorey was appointed by the Queen to the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem on 16 January 1997, and retired on 28 March 1999.

Both he and his wife Penelope were enthusiastic supporters of local causes. He lost his first wife Lady Penelope to cancer while in office in September 1996. She received a public funeral. He has four children from his first marriage: Suzanne, Jane, Robert and Martyn.

After Lady Penelope's death, he married Cicely Ruth Lummis.

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