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Jersey houses

St John:

Le Grand Mourier


Described as Grand Mourier House when offered for sale at £1,595,000 in 2017, we are not certain whether this is the same as Grand Mourier

Although the two volumes of Old Jersey Houses by Joan Stevens, published in 1965 and 1977, remain the most comprehensive work on Jersey farmhouses and other properties, we are often puzzled by the selection of properties. The first volume is clearly identified as dealing with properties up to 1700, some, but not all, later homes finding a place in Volume 2.

Yet Grand Mourier, St John, is stated in its Volume 1 entry to be of mid-18th century construction. It seems to justify its place in this volume because several window lintels from an older property have been incorporated in the structure. The author also refers to a 'curious stone slab' but fails to state its purpose with any degree of certainty.

The only indication of who might have lived here is that 'it probably belonged to a junior branch of the Sarre family, of Le Vieux Manoir, in the 16th century.

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