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Grandin family page


Capt R J Grandin (right) and fellow Militia officers at a St Helier funeral

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Origin of Surname

This name is a diminuitive form of grand, the French for large, so the original Grandin must have been a big man.

It has been suggested that the name may be a shortened form of Grandison, a surname from Switzerland, which was well-known in Jersey when Otto de Grandison, a Swiss, was appointed Lord of the Isles in 1275 by his friend Edward I, when he became King of England and had to relinquish the title he had been given by his father Henry III. However, this is unlikely. Otto only visited Jersey once very late in his 53-year tenure, and it is believed that the surname Grandin was not present in the island until the early 16th century.

Early records

The first baptisms were recorded in St Brelade in the 1560s, but Grandins were living in several parishes in the 16th and 17th centuries.

  • Nicholas Grandin, born in Trinity in 1526, married Guillemette Cabot of the same parish in 1551
  • Nicholas Grandin, born in St Lawrence in 1560, married Collette Le Quesne, daughter of Philippe and Cardine Le Cornu
  • Thomas Grandin, born in St Ouen in 1616, married Rachel Syvret in 1620
  • Thomas Grandin, born in St Mary in 1672, married Esther Le Vesconte

Despite their being over 500 baptism records for the family, no extensive trees have been found, and no information is available which would link the various branches, but links to three trees are included below


  • Grandin, 1528
  • Grindin, this is a separate family but there are undoubtedly some church records for which the name has been wrongly recorded one way or another

Famous family members

Lilian Grandin, born in St Helier in 1876 (a commemorative plaque on the building where she was born gives the date as 1896, but commemorative stamps were issued by Jersey Post Office in 1976 to commemorate the centenary of her birth), was Jersey's first woman doctor. She went to China as a Methodist missionary, where she met and married journalist Edwin John Dingle. She died in 1924 of typhus after setting up a clinic and leper colony in Yunnan province.

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Stamps issued in 1976 to commemorate the centenary of Lilian Grandin's birth

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