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Graut/Grant family page


Georgina Mold, nee Grant, born in St Helier in 1834 and married to William John Mold in Southampton in 1858. The couple had three sons and five daughters

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Origins of surname

Researching these surnames presents a problem because the difficulty in differentiating between Graut and Grant in handwritten records has caused considerable confusion, and continues to do so. There are also many records which use the spelling Grault.

French sources have no reference to Graut, and describe Grant as of British origin.

Grant is believed to derive from grand, French for big, but no derivation has been found for Graut.

Early records

Our database has 150 records of baptisms of Graut/Grault, and a further 60 for Grant/Grante. It is highly likely that some of each belong with the other families, and it is not clear what overlap there might be between the two.


  • Grant
  • Graut 1749
  • Grault, 1528
  • Greult 1479
  • Greut 1340

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