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Green Island was once part of the Jersey coastline but now becomes surrounded by the sea at high tides
Green Island in 1977

Southernmost point

Green Island, or La Motte is a small islet, now measuring no more than 15 metres by 10 metres off the south coast of Jersey at St Clement. It was previously connected to the island, even at high tide, but storms have washed away the spit of sand making that connection and now Green Island is surrounded by the sea at high tide.

While it remained connected it was the most southerly point of Jersey.


Excavations by archaeologists have discovered 18 cist graves, some of which contained human remains thought to be in excess of 4000 years old. Some of these have been removed to the grounds of La Hougue Bie.

Attempts have recently been made to protect the islet from further erosion by the construction of retaining walls.


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