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Gruchy family page

A distinct family from de Gruchy for many generations


Capt Gruchy of the Militia

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Origin of Surname

The family is thought to have originated at Grouchy, on the borders of the Cotentin and Bessin in Lower Normandy. The name is believed to be Viking in origin, perhaps derived from the old Norse personal name Geiro. Grouville is thought to have similar roots.

Early records

Four Gruchys, Colas, Guillaume, Nicholas and Raffe are found in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

Early family members traced include Ralph Gruchy (1440) and Jennette Gruchy (1434)

Although probably originally of one family, the branches of de Gruchy and Gruchy have developed quite separately. However, the two names have become so confused in Jersey church records that we combined the records under 'de Gruchy/Gruchy' in our baptism database.

We have since regretted doing so and one of our valued helpers is currently involved in trying to separate the two and ensure that each is correctly identified as a Gruchy or de Gruchy. This work is likely to take some time.


  • Gruchy, 1299
  • Grochie
  • Grochye
  • Grouchie
  • de Gruchy
  • Gruchie 1607
  • de Groschy, 1510
  • de Grochy, 1461-78
  • de Grouchy 1515
  • Grouhy 1515
  • de Grochie 1461-78
  • Grussy c1340
  • de Grochee
  • Grouche 1309
  • Le Groche 1309
  • de Groceio 1089

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