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Guenier family page


Desire Aimable Guernier

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Origins of surname

This surname, and the variant Guernier, has its origins in a personal name, Wanhari, from Germanic roots. Wan = 'hope', hari = 'army'. It is a name mainly from the west of France.

Early records

The early Jersey families came from France and were established by the 1820s. More than one unrelated family is believed to have settled in the island. Although the spellings Guernier and Guenier are found together in some family records, the two families seem to have been quite distinct in Jersey.


  • Guenier
  • Guesnier
  • Guernier

Family records


Family trees


Births and baptisms


Notable family members

  • Frank Guenier, a Jerseyman who had left to work for the Post Office in England, returned in 1969 to be the first director of the Jersey Post Office which had been taken over by the States from Royal Mail.


Great War service

Guernier family album

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