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Guillaume Alexandre Gueno, alias Picard (23), born in St Brieuc, Brittany, was convicted of robbery by Jersey's Royal Court in 1912 and sentenced to two months in prison with hard labour, followed by five years banishment

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Origins of surname

We can find no specific derivation for this French surname, but assume that it has the same origins as Guenon and Guenot, which come from the Germanic Wanon, from the root wan-, meaning hope. Although it arrived in Jersey from nearby Brittany, it would appear that the name originally came from further south, in the Loire Atlantique.

The family have always understood that it is associated with the Breton word for white, thus, traditionally recognise the name as meaning "The white haired".

Early records

The family did not arrive in Jersey until about 1908, when Louis Jean Marie Gueno, of Langueux, Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, married Louisa Jeanne Marie Michel at St Saviour's Parish Church in Jersey. The couple had five sons . Correction; Louisa Jeanne Marie Michel was born in St Saviour, Jersey of a Norman father an Breton mother


  • Gueno
  • Guenot
  • Guenon

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