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15th Century

Guernsey Timeline
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Year Event
8 May 1400 Charter of Henry IV to Guernsey.
1412 James Coquerel becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
1413 Henry V succeeds to English throne.
14 Feb 1414 Charter of Henry V to Guernsey.
1415-35 John, Duke of Bedford, Lord of the Islands.
1417-20 English conquest of Normandy. Treaty of Troyes (1420).
1422 Henry VI succeeds to English throne.
c 1429 Mention of an island assembly resembling the States of Guernsey.
1433 Thomas de la Cour becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
1437-47 Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Lord of the Islands.
1439 Judgement of Royal Court sets down custom followed at chevauch‚es du Roi.
10 February 1441 Charter of Henry VI to Guernsey.
30 September 1441 Publication by Guernsey's Royal Court of the Pr‚cepte d'Assize.
24 November 1445 Grant of reversion of Lordship of the Islands to Henry, Duke of Warwick (d. 1446).
1446-47 Jean Henry Bailiff of Guernsey.
1447 Guillaume Cartier becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
24 February 1447 Governors appointed during minority of Anne de Beauchamp, Warwick's heir.
1449-50 French reoccupy Normandy.
3 January 1449 Death of Anne de Beauchamp.
12 July 1449 Licence to Anne's family to divide Warwick inheritance.
2 March 1450 Richard Neville and Anne de Beauchamp (senior) his wife created Earl and Countess of Warwick. The Earl of Warwick ('the Kingmaker') assumes Lordship of the Islands.
1454 Sea battle near Guernsey and Jersey in which islanders reputedly slay some 500 French.
October 1459 Warwick, with Edward, Earl of March (later Edward IV) flees to France, via Guernsey, after the rout of Ludford Bridge. Warwick attainted and his Lordship of the Islands forfeited.
12 May 1460 John Nanfan is last warden to be named jointly for Guernsey and Jersey.
1461 Battle of Towton (29 March): Henry VI flees England. Edward IV assumes English throne.
15 May 1461 Report of French attack on Guernsey and siege of Castle Cornet.
29 March 1465 Charter of Edward IV to Guernsey.
1467 Thomas de la Cour becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
28 February 1469 Second charter of Edward IV to Guernsey.
1470 Pierre Beauvoir becomes Bailiff of Guernsey. Grant of commercial privileges in England to certain Guernsey merchants following Guernsey's role in the relief of Mont Orgueil (1468).
14 April 1471 Death of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, at the Battle of Barnet.
1480-81 Edmond de Cheney Bailiff of Guernsey.
1481 Mention of an island assembly resembling the States of Guernsey.
27 February 1481 Pope Sixtus IV publishes a Bull against piracy. This and associated legislation have the effect until 1689 of making Guernsey neutral in wartime.
1481-82 Nicolas Fouaschin Bailiff.
1482 Jean Blondel becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
1483 Edward V; Richard III succeed to English throne.
15 December 1483 Charter of Richard III to Guernsey.
1485 Henry VII succeeds to English throne.
28 November 1485 Appointment of Edmund Weston and Thomas de St Martin as joint governors of Guernsey.
10 February 1486 Charter of Henry VII to Guernsey.
8 March 1486 Appointment of Edmund Weston as sole governor of Guernsey.
13 December 1487 Anne, Countess of Warwick, renounces her Lordship of the Islands.
1494-1506 James Havyland, of a Guernsey family, mayor of Poole at times between these dates.
28 October 1496 Papal Bull purports to transfer Channel Islands to Diocese of Salisbury. It is ineffective.
1499 Jean Martin becomes Bailiff of Guernsey.
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