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18th Century

Guernsey Timeline
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Year Event
1701-13 War of Spanish Succession.
1702 Accession of Queen Anne.
1706 Gen. Charles Churchill appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1714 Accession of George I. Jean de Sausmarez appointed Bailiff.
1715 Lieut.-Gen. Daniel Harvey appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1725 First edition of James Douglas' Description of the Guernsey Lily.
1727 Guernsey's population estimated at 10,500, of whom some 4,500 live in the town. Accession of George II.
1728 Joshua Le Marchant appointed Bailiff.
1732 Earl of Cholmondeley appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1733 Maj.-Gen. Richard Sutton appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1737 Fee farm leases of Crown wastes enabled by Order in Council.
1738 The Marquis de Montandre appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1742 Duke of Somerset appointed Governor of Guernsey. Town Hospital built.
1750 Sir John Ligonier appointed Governor of Guernsey.
1751 Country Hospital founded. Publication of Thomas Dicey's History of Guernsey.
1752 Lord de la Warr appointed Governor of Guernsey. Eleazar Le Marchant appointed Bailiff.
1756-63 Seven Years War. Guernsey privateers active.
1758 Samuel Bonamy appointed Bailiff.
1760 Accession of George III.
1761 Lord de la Warr created Earl de la Warr.
1765 Duke of Gloucester visits Guernsey.
1766 Sir Richard Littleton appointed Governor.
1770 Sir Jeffrey Amherst appointed Governor.
1771 William Le Marchant appointed Bailiff.
1777 An American privateer harasses St Peter Port.
1778 First regular packet service between Guernsey and England established.
1780 Construction of Fort George commenced.
1782 Assembly Rooms founded.
Quakers first organise in Guernsey.
New Red uniforms introduced for the Royal Guernsey Militia
24 March 1783 Mutiny at Fort George.
1786 Visit of Dr Adam Clarke, Methodist missionary.
1787 Publication of William Gardner's Map of Guernsey, surveyed by order of the Duke of Richmond.
Aug - Sep 1787 Visit of the Rev. John Wesley.
1789 Holy Trinity Church built
1791 La Gazette de Guernesey, Guernsey's first French-language newspaper published.
1793-1802 War with France.
1794 Regular post office packet service between Guernsey and Southampton established.
1797 The Earl Grey appointed Governor.
1799 Two divisions of Russian troops quartered in Guernsey.
Guernsey Timeline
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