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Hatain family page

Little information is available about the derivation of this name, except that it might be considered a diminuitive of 'Hatt' which is from the Germanic root for combat. The name has not been known in Jersey for many centuries.

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Early records

Colin Hasteyn was Bailiff in 1315 and Guille Hastein was Bailiff in 1348 and 1352.

Sire Nicolas Hasteyn was Rector of St Lawrence during the reign of Edward III, circa 1350, and Roger Hasteyn was Rector of St Peter at the same time.

William Hasteyn and Geoffrey Ralph, Richard and Roger Hastein are mentioned in the Assize Roll of 1309


  • Hâtain
  • Hastain, 1318
  • Hastein, 1200
  • Hasteyn , 1274
  • Astein
  • Asteyn c 1340
  • Hastings 1348
  • Hateins c1328
  • Hasteng
  • Hastenge 1309
  • Hastenk 1299
  • Hastin 1292
  • Hasten 1269

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