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Hacquoil family page


A Mrs Hacquoil photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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Freemason Mr Hacquoil photographed by Ernest Baudoux

Origin of Surname

Hacquoil, which in 1331 was spelt Hascouf, and in Latin charters Hasculfus, was the French form of the given name Aescwulf.

It is found in early medieval documents in Jersey but is not a Normandy name.

According to the Dictionnaire Etymologyique des noms de famille de France, it derives from the word hache meaning to cut or strike, to which in some cases has been added various diminutives. If so it appears to have been an occupational name for a forester or perhaps an agricultural contractor, one whose job it was to clear or harvest the land.

Early records

The earliest record of Hacquoil in Jersey is in a 1299 document.

The first Hacquoil record in our database of Church baptism registers is that of Jean the son of Helier, baptised in St Peter in 1628. However, the following earlier Hacquoil births are known.

  • Marie Hacquoil was born in St Ouen about 1502, married Helier Le Rossignol in 1528 and died three years later
  • George Hacquoil was born in Jersey about 1515.
  • Marie Hacquoil was born in St Ouen about 1530 and married Helier Le Rossignol in 1560. She was the daughter of George Hacquoil (1516- ) and Georgette
  • Marguerite Hacquoil was born in Jersey about 1537 and married Michel d'Auvergne
  • Marie Hacquoil was born in St Ouen about 1577 and married Richard Gasnier
  • Thomas Hacquoil was born in St Ouen about 1600 and married Jeanne Le Cornu
  • Jeanne Hacquoil was born in Jersey about 1605 and married Thomas Robert, of St John on 2 Oct 1653


  • Hacquoil, 1299
  • Hascoil, c1340
  • Hascoul 1365
  • Haquevill 1378
  • Ascoul
  • Ascul c1340
  • Hascouf
  • Hasculfus 1331
  • Hascoul, 1331
  • Hascouil 1528
  • Hache
  • Hachet
  • Hacqiart
  • Hacquinn
  • Hacquel

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Family album

Le Don Hacquoil is a fine granite archway close to St Ouen's Parish Hall, which was given to the National Trust for Jersey by the Hacquoil family

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All we know about this photograph is that it shows Mr Voisin, Mr Alexandre and Mr Hacquoil with their cows - date and location in Jersey unknown

Family gravestones

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