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Historic Jersey buildings

Havelet Farm, St Peter


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Property name

  • Havelet Farm
  • Havelet Cottage
  • Havelet House - the name given in the 1901 census

Other names

  • Havalet Farm - as shown in Jersey Datestone Register, but Havelet more likely


Rue des Vignes, St Peter

Type of property

Two-storey granite farm building


Sold for £1,425,000 in 2019 with the following land: Le Jardin a Potage to the south and in front of the house; La Valette; a certain road or avenue to the west and to the north of the house, buildings and yards and to the north of Havelet Cottage and the lands La Valette and of Cotil de La Fontaine; St Peter

Families associated with the property

  • Slous
  • Poignand: The 1901 census shows farmer Prospere Poignand (1859- ) and his wife Elise Alice, nee Le Brun (1861- ) living here with their children Ella (1886- ), Eunice (1889- ), Lucille (1891- ), Arthur (1894- ) and Hedley (1899- ). Prospere was the son of an immigrant from Normandy, also Prospere, and Eugenie Marie, nee Le Heron
  • Huelin: In 1941 Kenneth John Huelin (1900- ) was living here with his wife Florence May, nee Le Couteur (1906- ) and their children Stanley John, Donald Albert, Margaret Juine and Douglas Edward


  • ESL♥♥STQ 1822 - For Elie Slous and Susanne Tocque, marriage not found but children baptised in St Ouen from 1798

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A cohesive historic farm group which contributes to the rural setting. The main house retains its historic character, proportions and internal plan with an elegant stairway.

This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

It has 18th century origins, however, the interior features date from the early 19th century when it was also refronted.

Notes and references

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