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Haye Hogard, St Martin


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Property name

Haye Hogard

Other names

  • Le Villot - The property did not acquire its name until relatively recently (late 20th century) and was formerly known as Le Villot, after the district where it is situated
  • The Cottage


Rue du Villot, St Martin

Type of property

18th century farm group


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Le Seelleur: The site appears to have been owned by the Le Seelleur family for well over five centuries. The datestone below shows the ownership of Thomas Le Seelleur in 1830 and another Thomas, Thomas William Le Seelleur, was living here when his will was registered in 1966. John Robert Le Seelleur was living in the cottage in 2007.

Thomas William was the 2xgreat-grandson of the Thomas and Susanne commemorated on the 1820 stone (below) and all the intervening generations were also Thomas, as were the two before Thomas and Susanne. That means that the house was owned by seven successive generations of Thomas Le Seelleur, from 1777 to 1979.

The 1871 census shows Thomas, son of Thomas and Susanne, a retired farmer, living here at the age of 71 with his 70-year-old wife Jane, dressmaker daughters Susan (43), Mary (41), Jane (44) and Ann (31), who appear to have been reluctant to marry and leave home. Son Thomas (34) was now the farmer, living with his wife Mary, nee Mauger, sons Thomas, John, George and Francis

By 1881 Thomas was still farming at the property, still known as Le Villot, living with his wife and children Thomas and John (carpenters), George, Frank, Mary, Walter and Clara, and Mary's mother Esther MAuger (80), a retired dressmaker.

In 1941 Thomas William Le Seelleur (1896- ), his mother, Mary Ann, nee Whitel (1868- ), his sisters Lilian (1901- ) and Kathleen Mary (1908- ) were living here. There are other families (Richardson and Le Cornu) recorded as living at Le Villot, but it is not clear whether they were at the same property or a neighbouring house yet to be distinguised by a change of name.


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This 18th century building retains its historic character and features. It contributes to the setting of a group of buildings with gable ends on to the road. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Although there was rebuilding undertaken in 1792, occupancy of the property dates back at least to 1463

Haye Hogard means 'hedge' and 'stackyard' - an enclosed are where grain was stacked. Two-storey, five-bay house, with single storey wing to east and two-storey wing to west. Detached, single storey outbuilding to southwest.

Old Jersey Houses

There is no mention of this property in either volume, despite the extensive history revealed by HER

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