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Jersey houses

St John:



Old Jersey Houses provides very little information about this attractive property, other than a description of the arch and windows. It is noted that there is a stone inscribed PNC (believed to be for Nicolle) with no date. There is also a stone inscribed solely with the year 1766.

In an addenda to Volume 1 of the book [1] the author confirms that the Nicolle family owned the house from the early 18th century until about 1865, when it was sold to the Simons.

An outhouse to the east was known as La Boutique, used in connection with the knitting trade, in which several families in the area were involved.

The property is variously known as Herupe and Herupe Farm, and it is in the Herupe district of the Vingtaine de Herupe, which only adds to the confusion. The Jersey Datestone Index refers to two further stones

  • PGC ♥♥ RH.1799
  • PGC ♥♥ RHM.1807

both for Pierre Gruchy and Rachel Hamon, both of St John, who were married in St Saviour on 13 February 1779. These are on a property, also known as Herupe, to the west of the main farm. The 1849 Godfray map shows the property occupied by P de Gruchy, but this would appear to be an error, based on the information provided by the stones. Although both Gruchys and de Gruchys were living in the Herupe vingtaine in the mid 19th century, it was the Gruchy family which owned one of the houses known as Herupe, or Herupe Farm.

Notes and references

  1. OJH I, 243
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