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Property name

Hillside [1]

Other names

  • Hillview Cottage
  • 1 Hillside
  • 2 Hillside
  • 3 Hillside


Rue de La Croiserie, Trinity

Type of property

Cottage with 18th century origins. Property divided into three residential units c2002


  • 1 Hillside sold for £310,000 in 2002 and £340,000 in 2006
  • 2 Hillside sold for £290,000 in 2003
  • 3 Hillside sold for £290,000 in 2003

Families associated with the property

  • Nicolle: Edgar Nicolle (1880- ) and his sister Mabel Louisa (1873- ) were also recorded here in 1941


  • 1906 - no initials
  • JGC and JRM [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An originally 18th century single-storey cottage that has been reordered in 19th century, retaining original interior and exterior features from both periods; with Edwardian farm building of exterior interest, and group value.

Remains of granite corbelled fireplace. Present entrance in south elevation apparently 19th century; original entrance to north survives. Interior apparently reordered in 19th century to accommodate this change; modest staircase at north end of hall is probably mid-19th century.

Footprint of house and barn appear on Richmond map 1795.

Edwardian-period outbuilding. Detached, single storey, attic, five-bay, single bay single storey extension to roadside - Hillview Cottage.

Parallel to rear: large early 20th century barn, pitched slate roof, almost full height cart entrance arch; single storey extension to west. Converted to residential units with associated window and door openings at ground and first floor levels.

Notes and references

  1. This is a very popular house name in Jersey and there is a Hillside Farm in Trinity and Hillsides, Hillside Farms and other variations in several parishes
  2. On capped piers - not otherwise recorded, nor interpreted. Possibly for Gruchy and Remon but no corresponding marriage found
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