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The hotel in the 1950s

Although the Hotel de Normandie at the Dicq has been enlarged several times since it was created in 1934, the original central section, with its fine triangular dormers, has been retained, albeit with the roofline altered in the pre-Second World War years. But that section of the hotel has now remained externally unaltered for over half a century, as the comparison between the 1950s picture and today's Street View confirms.

Until the late 1880s, after the Jersey Eastern Railway had opened in 1873 and ran behind what are now the hotel's bars, the property was a farm. From 1888 to 1892 a number of houses were built and by 1908, 2 The Anchorage, owned by Capt Lonsdale Crouch, was operating as a guest house as nearby Havre des Pas grew in importance as a favoured portion of St Helier's coastline with tourists. Capt Crouch was charging from 5s 6d to 6s 4d for daily occupancy.

In 1934 he bought the adjoining property and combined the two to create Hotel de Normandie. The hotel changed hands twice during the 1930s, being bought first by a Mrs Seagar, and then by Mr and Mrs P Kirschner in 1939. Part of the property was demolished for road widening by the Germans during the Occupation.

The hotel reopened after the war and following Mr Kirschner's death in 1952, his widow and her second husband, Mr O L Hall, bought adjoining properties and began the programme of expansion which has brought the hotel to where it is today.


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