Hotton family members who served in World War 1

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Hotton family members who served in the Great War


Three members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further five saw active service in World War 1.

The dates shown are often birth or baptism dates from our database, not necessarily those shown on service records, and parishes shown are parish of birth, where known, not the parish in which individuals were living when they joined up.

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Sons of Alfred William and Sarah Johns Hotton, of St Saviour's Road

  • Henry Summers Hotton (1894-1919) son of Clement and Matilda Ann Coutanche, Mercantile Marine, killed April 1919, circumstances of death after war's end unknown
  • Albert Philip Hotton (1896- ) (St H) son of Clement Frederick and Matilda Ann Coutanche, Able Seaman RN, HMS King George V
  • Alfred John Hotton (1878- ) (St J) son of John and Louisa Queree, 2nd Officer, Mercantile Marine Reserve
  • Cecil Webber Hotton (St S) ex-RMIJ, Driver, RFA
  • Clement Charles Hotton (St H), Private, Welsh Regiment
  • Sidney John Hotton (1896- ) (St My) son of Philippe and Louisa, ex-RMIJ, Private, RJGB
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