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Huelin family page

The Huelin family was in Jersey as early as the 13th century


The farming Huelins chartered an aircraft in 1951 for a holiday in France after a bumper potato season

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Origin of Surname

Huelin is believed to be derived from Hue, a pet form of the given names Hugo and Hugues.

The Huelin family's Bedford lorry in 1950

Early records

The family has been in Jersey since at least the 14th century, with a Huelin recorded in the 1309 Assize Roll. But there are indications that a new Huelin family arrived in the island as Huguenot refugees in the 16th or the 17th century.

There are Huelins in Spain, but it is not clear whether these also originate from refugees from France or whether this is an entirely different family with a different derivation of the surname.

Huguenots in the United States generally identify their ancestors with French Huguenots.

Early records

Baptism records start with Jeanne, daughter of Timothee, in St Brelade in 1587, but Francoise Huelin is known to have been born in St Helier in about 1512 and married Andrew Aubin


  • Huelin, 1292
  • Hullyn 1528
  • Huglin
  • Huglyn c1340
  • Ulin, a Dutch variation

Family records


Family trees


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Great War service


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Family businesses

Prominent family members

  • Senator Gwyneth Huelin, 20th century Jersey politician and long-time president of the Public Health Committee

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Family gravestones

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