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Jeanne Emily Renouf


An Occupation tale by Ann Fröjd

My mother and sister left the island on the last boat out (a coal boat she told me). Spent the war first in Manchester with her family then in Bournemouth. My grandparents Renouf and their youngest daughter Jeanne stayed in the island. My aunt had a stall in the old market selling vegetables. She used to take her little handcart and walk to the country to collect her fruit and vegetables. One very hot day she was on her way back to town when she was stopped by a young German soldier, he offered to help her push the cart, he put his rifle on the cart and pushed it all the way back to town.
Another time my grandfather Alfred-Charles Renouf, then 77 years old, was taken to German Headquarters on the charge that he had been signalling to the British, when what he had been doing was sitting by his window lighting his pipe; there had been a little hole in the blackout curtain and the light from his match had been seen by a passing patrol. They kept him at headquarters 24 hours questioning him the whole time. So my family had both good and bad experiences of the Germans.
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