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Jurats of the Royal Court 1473-1900

15th Century

  • 1470-1483 - John Le Loreur
  • 1470-1479 - Droet de la Hougue, Procureur du trésor de Grouville in 1471
  • 1470-1484 - John Michel
  • 1470-1505 - Guille Hamptonne of St Lawrence, Seigneur of Luce de Carteret
  • 1472-1480 - John de Soulemont
  • 1473-1493 - Guille Payn
  • 1475-1499 - Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen
  • 1477-1497 - Philippe or Philippot Payn, Seigneur of Samarès
  • 1477-1502 - Raulin Lempriere, Seigneur de St Jean, La Hougue Boête
  • 1477-1494 - John de la Rocque
  • 1479-1487 - Thomas Payn of St Lawrence
  • 1480-1501 - Perryn Le Serques of St Lawrence
  • 1481-1500 - John Poingdestre of St Saviour
  • 1482-1526 - John Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès
  • 1482-1494 - Thomas Lempriere, probably the Thomas who became Bailiff
  • 1483-1485 - Clement Le Hardy, later Bailiff
  • 1487-1535 - John Lempriere, Seigneur de Rosel
  • 1488-1493 - John Nicolle, Seigneur de Longueville, born in England
  • 1495-1522 - Guillaume Messervy of La Chesnée, St Martin
  • 1496-1498 - Guillaume Le Roux
  • 1497-1499 - Guillaume de St Martin
  • 1498-1504 - Clement Messervy of St Saviour, brother of Guillaume
  • 1499-1506 - Nicolas Gervese (or Gervaise) Seigneur of Franc Fief, St Brelade

16th Century

  • 1500-1523 - Pierre de Soulemont of St Helier
  • 1501 - Hostes Nycolle, Seigneur of Longueville
  • 1503-1536 - John Payn, from close to Grouville Church. According to tradition the Court sat in his house
  • 1503-1523 - Regnauld Le Lorreur, of Maufant, St Saviour
  • 1504-1537 - John Dumaresq of Samarès, Jurat at the same time as his father (see below)
  • 1504-1533 - Edouard de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen
  • 1504-1524 - Nicolas Hamptonne, son of Guillaume
  • 1504-1516 - Thomas Dumaresq of Le Haule
  • 1504-1520? - Drouet Lempriere, Seigneur of Trinity and Augres, died before 1524
  • 1506-1524 - Thomas Gosselin of St Helier, probably replaced Guillaume Hamptonne
  • 1519-1519 - Michel Payn, Seigneur of Fief Payn at St Lawrence. Appears only to have been in office for a year
  • 1505-1537 - Pierre de Carteret of St Ouen, Was Constable of St Ouen 1530-1537 and Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1523-1525 - John Dumaresq of Samarès, Jurat at the same time as his son (see above)
  • 1524-1527 - Thomas Lempriere, possibly the son of Thomas, Bailiff in 1495
  • 1524-1570 - John Lempriere, Seigneur of Trinity. Constable of Trinity 1549
  • 1524 and 1533-1562 - John de Carteret, possibly brother of Bailiff Helier
  • 1524-1531 and 1536-1551 - Clement Lempriere, Seigneur of St Jean la Hougue Bouette. Constable of St Lawrence from 1531. Lieut-Bailiff at death
  • 1524-1553 - Edmond Perrin, Seigneur of Rosel, Constable of St Martin 1531-36
  • 1524-1537 - Richard Mallet, Seigneur of Le Hague. Constable of Grouville 1531
  • 1524-1541 - Edouard Le Hardy of St Martin. Son of Bailiff Clement Le Hardy
  • 1524-1548 - Nicolas Journeaulx, Seigneur of Catelet. Constable of St John 1545-48
  • 1524 and 1533-1544 - Richard Payn of St Ouen, father of Richard Payn, Rector of St Ouen 1546-54
  • 1525-1549 - Helier de la Rocque, Seigneur of Saval. Constable of Trinity 1531
  • 1526-1533 - Clement Messervy of St Saviour. Son of Clement, Jurat in 1498. Procureur of St Saviour 1531-33
  • 1535-1536 - John Fondan of St Peter. Seigneur of Fief ès-Hormans
  • 1537-1552 - John de Soulemont, replaced Richard Mellet
  • 1537-1551 - Nicolas Lempriere, replaced John Dumaresq
  • 1537-1556 - Richard Dumaresq, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas and Leoville, replaced Pierre de Carteret. Constable of Trinity 1540-41
  • 1539-1550 - Clement Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès
  • 1541-1564 - Guillaume Gosselin, son of Thomas, Jurat. Replaced Edouard Le Hardy
  • 1544-1566 - Edouard Dumaresq, of La Haule. Replaced Richard Payn. Juge-Délégué
  • 1549-1565 - George de Carteret, eldest son of Pierre de Carteret, Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1549-1579 - Laurens Hamptonne of St Lawrence, Seigneur of Luce de Carteret
  • 1550-1553 - Edouard de Carteret, probably Constable of St Helier 1541-43 and younger son of Pierre de Carteret, Lieut-Bailiff. Not to be confused with Edouard de Carteret of St John, his contemporary and Vicomte
  • 1551-1557 - Philippe Lempriere, of Maison du Roux, St Saviour. Advocat-General.
  • 1551-1584 - Nicolas de Soulemont of St Helier
  • 1551-1555 - Raulin Le Marquand of St Lawrence
  • 1552-1569 - John Hue of St Mary, son of Nicolas, Constable 1536-1542
  • 1553-1581 - Helier de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen
  • 1555-1568 and 1570-1579 - Richard Messervy, Seigneur of Bagot. Suspended from office in 1568 for slandering Collette Dumaresq and reinstated in 1570
  • 1557-1583 - Thomas Lempriere (son of Drouet) Seigneur of Diélament. Replaced Richard Dumaresq. Appointed Juge-Commis by Bailiff John Dumaresq
  • 1557-1562 - John Stocall, Constable of St Helier 1553-1557
  • 1562-1565 - Thomas de Soulemont, replaced John Stocall
  • 1563-1588 - Hugh Perrin, Seigneur of Rosel. Replaced John de Carteret. Resigned in 1583 on grounds of age and ill health and again in 1588 on grounds of age and long absence from the Bench. Although this resignation was accepted by the Governor and the States, Hugh Lempriere, who was chosen to succeed him, refused to be sworn in, not satisfied that it was legitimate
  • 1564-1567 John Dumaaresq, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas. Replaced Guille Gosselin
  • 1566-1572 - Henry Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares
  • 1566-1592 - Clement Journeaulx, Seigneur of St Jean La Hougue-Boete. Constable of St John 1555--67, Lieut-Bailiff. On 30 January 1588 he obtained his discharge from his functions as Jurat from the Governor on health grounds, but Pierre de Soulemont, chosen to succeed him, refused the appointment on the grounds that a Jurat cannot be replaced except on grounds of crime, slander or death. He was eventually replaced by Hugh Lempriere and died in July 1594
  • 1566-1574 - Edouard Messervy, of Morin, St Saviour
  • 1567-1609 - Nicolas Lempriere of Tehy, St Helier, Seigneur of Buisson. Replaced John Dumaresq on his nomination as Bailiff
  • 1570-1598 - Helier Dumaresq of La Haule, Seigneur of Arbres and Franc Fief in St Brelade, replaced John Hue. Dumaresq was suspended because of comments he made in Court to the Bailiff, George Paulet, and reinstated in October 1587 after recognising his error
  • 1570-1601 - Gilles Lempriere, Seigneur of Trinity. Replaced John Lempriere, his father
  • 1572-1597 - Francois de Carteret, of St Peter. Replaced Henry Dumaresq
  • 1576-1624 - Philippe Journeaulx, younger son of Jurat Nicolas Journeaulx. Replaced Edouard Messervy. He died on 12 November 1624 at the age of 97
  • 1580-1608 - Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut. Replaced Laurens Hamptonne
  • 1580-1627 - Clement Dumaresq, of La Chesnée, St Martin. Younger son of Jurat RIchard Dumaresq. Replaced Richard Messervy
Hugh Lempriere's signature
  • 1582-1595 - Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen. Replaced Helier de Carteret, his father
  • 1583-1600 - Amice de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Probably replaced Thomas Lempriere. Appointed Bailiff of Guernsey in 1600
  • 1584-1605 - Helier Lempriere, Seigneur of Augrés. Replaced Nicolas de Soulemont
  • 1590-1605 - Pierre de Soulemont, replaced Hugh Perrin. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1592-1624 - Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament. Nominated by the States in 1588 he was not sworn in until 1592, replacing probably Clement Journeaulx. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1595-1621 - Jean Perrin, Seigneur of Rosel. Replaced Philippe de Carteret
  • 1597-1605 - Philippe Rommeril, of La Fontaine, Trinity

17th Century

  • 1600-1607 - Jean Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès, eldest son of the Bailiff of this name. Replaced Helier Dumaresq
  • 1602-1616 - Helier de Carteret, Seigneur of La Hague. Replaced Gilles Lempriere
  • 1605-1627 - Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen. He had scarcely reached 21 when he was sworn in to replace Amice de Carteret. He was Knighted shortly before July 1617 and appointed Bailiff in 1627
  • 1605-1631 - Aaron Messervy of St Saviour, Seigneur of La Hougue. Replaced Philippe Rommeril. Lieut-Governor 1614-17
Elie Dumaresq's signature
  • 1606-1640 - Elie Dumaresq - Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas. Replaced Helier Lempriere. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1606-1617 - Edouard Messervy, of Morin, St Saviour. Replaced Pierre de Soulemont
  • 1607-1634 - Daniel Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès. Replaced Jean Dumaraesq, his father. Elie Dumaresq, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas was his curator in 1619
  • 1610-1616 - Pierre de Carteret, of St Peter, younger son of Jurat Francois de Carteret. Replaced Jean de Carteret
  • 1613-1640 - Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut. Replaced Nicolas Lempriere.
  • 1616-1631 - Josué de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Replaced Heliere de Carteret. Lieut-Bailiff and then Lieut-Governor
Edouard Payn's signature
  • 1616-1624 - Edouard Payn of St Martin. Replaced Pierre de Carteret
  • 1617-1645 - Thomas Lempriere, Seigneur of Augres. Elected in 1602 and agreed to take the oath in 1617 to replace Edouard Messervy. Revoked in 1645 by the Royal Commissioners Poley and Vaughan for supporting Parliament
  • 1622-1635 - Jean Le Hardy, of St Martin. Elected before 6 October 1621 he refused to be sworn, relying on the fact that he was Avocat-General. Sworn in on 17 January 1622 to replace Jean Perrin
  • 1624-1632 - Philippe Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament. Sworn in on 23 September 1624 and not being given the precedence he demanded, refused to sit and was sent to prison
  • 1624-1651 - Benjamin La Cloche, Seigneur of Longueville
  • 1625-1643 and 1651-1655 - Abraham Herault. Replaced Philippe Journeaulx. Term interrupted in 1643 and resumed in 1651. Nominated afresh in 1655 after the establishment of Cromwellian jurisdiction
  • 1627-1651 and 1660-1670 - Francois de Carteret, Seigneur of La Hague. Initially a Parliamentary supporter then a moderate Royalist, his term of office was interrupted in 1651 and resumed after the Restoration
  • 1629-1637 - Philippe Marett, Seigneur des Arbres. Replaced Clement Dumaresq. Deputy-Governor.
  • 1631-1643 - Benjamin Bisson, Seigneur of Luce de Carteret. Replaced Aaron Messervy. Parliamentary Commissioner, he abandoned his role in 1643 after the flight of Lydcott and was imprisoned at Mont Orgueil until 1645
  • 1631-1634 - Jean Durel of St Helier, replaced Josué de Carteret. Son of Nicolas Durel, Constable of St Helier
  • 1632-1647 - Jean Dumaresq, son of Helier of St Helier. Replaced Philippe Lempriere. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1635-1643 and 1651-1654 - Henry Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares. Replaced Daniel Dumaresq, his father. One of the chief Parliamentarians in Jersey, he left the island after the flight of Lydcott and was able to resume office after the victory of his party
  • 1635-1651 - Amice de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Replaced Jean Le Hardy aged only 23. Staunchly Royalist, he ceased his role when the Parliamentarians took over the island
  • 1635-1640 - Elie de Carteret, father of George de Carteret. Replaced Jean Durel. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1634-1643 - Michel Lempriere, Seigneur of Maufant. Replaced Philippe Maret. Left the island in 1642 and returned in 1643 as Parliamentary Commissioner and was appointed Bailiff on 29 August that year
  • 1640-1651 and 1660-1663 - Philippe de Carteret, younger son of Elie de Carteret and brother of George. Replaced his father and resumed his role after the Restoration. Lieut-Bailiff then Bailiff
  • 1640-1642 - Elie Le Montais, son of Helier, of Landes, St Ouen. Replaced Elie Dumaresq
Philippe Le Geyt's signature
Laurens Hamptonnee's signature
  • 1642-1651 and 1660-1669 - Philippe Le Geyt of Mont à l'Abbé, son of Jean Le Geyt and Catherine, daughter of Jurat Philippe Rommeril. Replaced Elie Le Montais. Father of first Lieut-Bailiff Le Geyt
  • 1644-1649 - Josué de Carteret, Seigneur of St Jean La Hougue-Boete. Replaced Henry Dumaresq. Released from all public duties in 1649 and "retired to France for his health"
  • 1644-1651 and 1660-1676 - Jean Pipon of St Anastase, St Peter. Replaced Abraham Herault. Resumed his functions at the Restoration. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1644-1646 - Thomas Scelle (Seale) of Maison du Coin, St Brelade. Replaced Benjamin Bisson
  • 1644-1651 and 1660-1679 - Thomas Pipon of La Moye. Replaced Michel Lempriere. Resumed his role after the Restoration
  • 1645-1651 and 1660-1677 - Elie Dumaresq, Seigneur of Augrés, replaced Thomas Lempriere. Resumed his role after the Restoration
  • 1647-1651 and 1660-1661 - Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen. Lieut-Bailiff then Bailiff shortly after the Restoration
  • 1647-1651 - Clement Le Montais of St Peter. Replaced Thomas Scelle. Brother-in-law of George de Carteret Mr Le Montais was involved in selling the prizes captured by Sir George Carteret's privateers, provisioning them and paying the sailors
  • 1651 and 1660-1665 - Laurens Hamptonne. Replaced Jean Payn. He was given precedence over Philippe Le Geyt and Jean and Thomas Pipon. Lieut=Bailiff shortly after the Restoration
  • 1651 - Francois de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut. Replaced Clement Le Montais
  • 1655-1660 - Philippe Messervy, Seigneur de Bagot; Jacques Lempriere of St Helier; Jean de Rue of St Martin; Philippe Le Febvre of St Ouen, son of Matthew and Elizabeth de la Haule and grandson of Helier, Constable of St Ouen 1587-90; Simon Le Sebirel of St Peter; Thomas Le Marinel of St John, son of Matthieu and Jeanne; Philippe de Carteret, of La Hague, eldest son of Jurat Francois de Carteret; all nominated by Cromwell by a Commission dated February 1655. Ceased to hold office at the Restoration
  • 1657-1660 - Nicolas Lempriere, brother of Michael Lempriere, Bailiff; Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament, brother of Jurat Philippe Lempriere; Benjamin Lempriere, of St Jean, Seigneur of Lulague, younger son of Jurat Thomas Lempriere, Seigneur of Augres; Helier Dumaresq of St Clement. All ceased to hold office at the Restoration. Hugh Lempriere was elected together with two others who were rejected by the Parliamentary Commissioners, having held Royalist Office, and Benjamin Lempriere and Helier Dumaresq were elected to replace them.
  • 1660-1666 - Carteret La Cloche, Seigneur of Longueville
  • 1660-1665 - Helier Hue, eldest son of Hugh Hue, Constable of St Mary 1611-12, who was younger son of Jurat Jolin Hue
  • 1663-1676 - Edouard Rommeril of La Fontaine, Trinity. Eldest son of Martin Rommeril, Constable of Trinity 1597-1628, who was the son of Jurat Philippe Rommeril
  • 1664-1681 - Philippe Payn of Les Pres, Grouville
  • 1665-1704 - Amice de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas
  • 1665-1668 - Josué de Carteret, Seigneur of St Jean La Hougue-Boete
  • 1666-1698 - George Dumaresq of St Saviour
  • 1666-1689 - Jean La Cloche of St Helier. Replaced Carteret La Cloche. Jean La Cloche was challenged by the Procureur-General and Avocat-General over his use of the title "Ecuyer", which he perhaps believed he was entitled to as a Colonel of a Militia Regiment. An Act of Court of 7 July 1685 stated that La Cloche had decided not to sit again as Magistrate, and in 1689, because of allegations he had made against the Vicomte, Edouard de Carteret, he was suspended as Jurat for refusing to submit to the Royal Court and was never reinstated. He died in 1700
  • 1668-1691 - Jean Poingdestre of St Saviour. Lieut-Bailiff from 1669-1676
  • 1669-1686 - Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Replaced Josué de Carteret
  • 1670-1711 - Philippe Le Geyt of St Helier. Replaced his father Philippe. Deputy of the States from 10 August 1671, Lieut-Bailiff for 17 years. Discharged from his responsibilities because of ill health by Order in Council of 1711.
  • 1671-1676 - Philippe Maret of St Lawrence, Seigneur des Arbres
  • 1676-1682 - Philippe de Carteret, Baronet. Probably replaced Jean Pipon. Bailiff from 1682 to 1693, when he died
  • 1676-1681 - George La CLoche, Seigneur of Longueville, probably replaced Edouard Rommeril. He was Captain-Major of the Militia
  • 1676-1700 - David Bandinel, Seigneur of Bagot. Probably replaced Philippe Maret. According to the parochial register of St Saviour, his death was "regretted by all the inhabitants of the island"
  • 1677-1682 - Edouard Bisson, Seigneur of Luce de Carteret. Replaced Elie Dumaresq
  • 1679-1681 - Benjamin Dumaresq. Probably replaced Thomas Pipon
  • 1681-1731 - Elie Dumaresq, Seigneur of Augrés. Replaced Benjamin Dumaresq
  • 1682-1690 - Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès, probably replaced Philippe Payn. Involved in dispute of precedence with Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity
  • 1682-1691 - Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut, probably replaced George La Cloche
  • 1682-1713 - Henry de Carteret, Seigneur of La Hague. Replaced Philippe de Carteret. Raised questions of precedence and having refused to take his seat, was sent to prison on 26 April 1683. Freed by Order in Council of 26 Jun 1683
  • 1682-1722 - Jean Durell of St Helier, Seigneur of Fiefs ès-Payns and Collette des Augrés. Replaced Edouard Bisson. Constable of St Helier when electged Jurat and became Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1686-1693 - Raulin Robin of Augerez, St Peter. Probably replaced Charles de Carteret
  • 1690-1708 - Elie Le Montais of St Peter. Replaced Philippe Dumaresq
  • 1691-1700 - Philippe Richardson of Rozel, St Martin. Replaced Jean de Carteret
  • 1692-1693 - Francois de Carteret, second son of Sir Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen, who died at Elizabeth Castle in 1643. Replaced Jean Poingdestre
  • 1693-1712 - Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity. Replaced Francois de Carteret
  • 1693-1714 - Charles Dumaresq, Seigneur of Saval. Replaced Raulin RObin
  • 1699-1712 - George Le CLoche - Seigneur of Longueville. Replaced George Dumaresq
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