Jersey Jurats from the Assize Roll of 1309

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A list of Jurats at the time is recorded in the Assize Roll of 1309. Strangely it bears little resemblance to the lists recorded by J A Messervy from records of 1292 and 1315.

The 12 Jurats named in the Assize Roll are:

  • Jordan Levesque
  • Philip Fondan
  • Philip Horman
  • William des Augres
  • Reginald de St Helier
  • William Longmour
  • WIlliam de la Hougue
  • Walter Le Keu
  • William Dirvaud
  • Hamon de la Hougue
  • Peter de Saumareys

Of the 12, only Philip Fondan and William Le Petit appear in Messrvy's 1292 list, and only Le Petit is shown in 1315. No Seigneur of St Ouen is shown in the Assize Roll list, which might suggest that the Seigneur at that time had not reached the age of majority, so could not yet succeed his father as Jurat. A Regnaut de Carteret is shown at the head of the 1292 list and a Regnauld de Carteret as senior Jurat in 1315. However, the Seigneur in 1309 was almost certainly Philippe de Carteret, son of Renaud, and was of age.

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