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Sir John Henry Loveridge (1912-1994) was Bailiff of Guernsey from 1973 to 1982.

Sir John Loveridge was born in 1912. Educated at Elizabeth College, he worked in local industry for a short time before joining the States Civil Service in December 1934.

He was appointed Secretary to the Essential Commodities Committee when it was established in 1938. He continued in that post throughout the German Occupation. In 1945 he married Madeleine Melanie. In recognition of his services he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1946. After the war he continued his civil service career holding the post of Assistant States Supervisor.

Sir John then started reading for the English Bar. He went on to complete his studies in England and France after which, in 1951, he was appointed an Advocate of the Royal Court. He then served as a Legislative Draftsman in the chambers of H.M. Procureur. In 1954 he was appointed H.M. Comptroller. In 1960 he became H.M. Procureur and in 1969 was appointed the Island's first Deputy Bailiff.

Sir John was involved in the negotiations relating to the position of Guernsey following the decision of the United Kingdom to join the European Economic Community. He also led the Island's delegation which appeared before the Kilbrandon Commission on the Constitution.

The results of this work, namely the embodiment of the Island's position vis-a-vis the Community in Protocol 3 to the Treaty of Accession and the Commission's recommendation that there be no change in the constitutional relations between the Islands and the United Kingdom, can in retrospect be regarded as very satisfactory outcomes from the Island's point of view for which Sir John could take considerable credit.[1]

He received a knighthood in 1975 and retired in 1982.

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  1. Obituary, Guernsey Law Journal, No. 18, July-December 1994
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