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Journeaux family page


The Journeaux family in about 1915 - Mabel , Gladys, John, Wilfred, Clara, Phylis, Ethel, Emily ( -1920) and Eva

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Origin of Surname

This French name has as many variants throughout the country as any other we have encountered. Journeaux is the spelling found in Normandy and Picardy in the north of the country. The variant 'Journal' gives a clue to the derivation of the name. Jour is French for 'day' and a journal was the area which could be worked by a labourer in the course of a day. This gave rise to placenames such as Journet and Journaux, subsequently applied to the people who came from there.

Early records

The earliest recorded holder of the name in Jersey was Philippe Journeaulx, Seigneur of Catelet about 1456.

Jehannet Journeaulx is included in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Baptism records go back to 1550 and the name is still found in Jersey today.


Found in Jersey

  • Journeaux, 1515
  • Journeaulx, 1528
  • Jornyaulx 1515

French variants

  • Journet
  • Jour
  • Journal
  • Journée
  • Journade
  • Journaix
  • Journau
  • Journaud
  • Journault
  • Journeau
  • Journeault
  • Journaux
  • Journey
  • Journez
  • Journot
  • Journou
  • Journoud
  • Journoux

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Francis Winter Journeaux (1856- ), Emilie de Ste Croix and their children

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