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According to the Appairiement de Grouville, this house on the corner of Route des Cotils and Rue Malo, Grouville, was in the de Veulle family in 1804, but a stone on the facade dated 1805 contains the initials PN and MV, suggesting the Noel family.


  • PN MV - Probably for Philippe Noel, of Grouville, and Marie Vicq, who married in the bride's home parish of St Clement in 1780
  • HLP, or HLR [1]
  • EVD.MLB.1733 for Edouard Vaudin (Tr) and Marie Le Brun (St S) who married in Trinity on 25 April 1714. [2]
  • 18 PN MV 05 - mentioned in the Historic Environment Record as being on a stone over the front door. [3]
  • PML SR 1817 - for Philippe Mallet and Susanne Renouf, who married in St Martin in 1816. [4]

Notes and references

  1. A window with curiously carved side jambs, a stylised pot of flowers and moulding, and below this the cut portion of a stone with HLP. These stones are unique in Jersey - OJH II, 90
  2. On an extension built in 1969. The suggestion by Joan Stevens in the second volume of Old Jersey Houses that Vardon and Labey were likely names to be represented by these initials was well wide of the mark. It is particularly surprising in that the Vardon family name does not appear in Jersey records until 1772, when Louis Vardon married Elizabeth Renouf
  3. This stone is not included in the Jersey Datestone Register and no attribution has been found
  4. The attribution is taken from the Historic Environment Record. This stone is wrongly shown in the Jersey Datestone Register as HML SR 1812, although corrected in a second entry, and said to be at L'Aiguillon, St Martin. There is no such property, and the stone is here
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