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As with many old Jersey houses, l’Aleval as it stands today was built alongside an earlier dwelling which was then relegated to agricultural use.

Joan Stevens wrote in Old Jersey Houses that a gable stone carved with 1632 IP, for Jean Pipon, (its owner then and Constable of St Peter from 1636-44, later Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff), was for a long time believed to be the construction date of the main house. But she continued that there are a number of features, including a bénetier to the right of the entrance door and the appearance of a tourelle, which suggest an earlier date.

The stone may simply record an alteration to the building, such as the raising of the roof, she wrote.

In 1636 Jean Pipon married Alice de Carteret, daughter of Josué of Trinity. On Pipon’s death it passed to the Le Maistre family through the marriage of their only daughter Suzanne.

An oak-panelled door, believed also to date from the 1630s, was donated to La Société Jersiaise by the house’s then owner, J Renouf, in 1933.

[Editor's note: A history of the Pipon family by the Rev J A Messervy, published in 1907, and reproduced on this website, indicates that Jean Pipon, the Constable, did commission the construction of the house. His birth predates the St Peter baptism register, but his marriage to Alice de Carteret in 1636, would suggest that 1632 is a likely date for the construction of l'Aleval]

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