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There is no direct evidence on which to date La Biarderie, but its similarity to other properties of the late 17th century suggests a date between 1680 and 1700.

The house would have been named after the Biard family. It seems highly likely that it was built by the only family of this name in Trinity at this period. They were Isaac Biard, who married Susanne Le Touzey. They had four children, Isaac (1692- ), Anne (1694- ), Susanne (1695- ) and Jean (1700- ).

Isaac jnr married Susanne Amy and set up home with her in St Helier. They had 13 children, including two sets of twins.

Features of the property include an enclosed courtyard, tourelle staircase and sundial on the chimney, which is of 1682 vintage but may have been erected on the house a little later. The chimney still has dripstones for thatch.

A datestone on a window lintel has come to light, which adds weight to the belief that the property dates from 1680 to 1700, but creates confusion about who might have built it. The stone is inscriped 16PN82, which would suggest Nicolle, as would an inscription PNC♥♥LPT1873 on the newer east wing. The Godfray map of 1849 shows the owner as J Biard.

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