La Chasse, Rue de Creux Baillot

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La Chasse, St Ouen


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Property name

La Chasse


Rue du Creux Baillot, St Ouen

Type of property

18th century house

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A fine house with high quality dressed stone, high quality interior features, early 18th century roof timbers preserved in the west outbuildings and intact pigsties.

Built circa 1720, with early 19th century and later alterations. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Main house with rear extension early 20th century, west-side dower wing and outbuildings to west. Rear stables, outbuildings and pigsties.

A stone gate post (heches) appears unusually weathered and could be an unrecorded standing stone (menhir) of prehistoric origins.

The house emulates the polite architecture of Georgian fashion but with a continuing local character. Central entrance, single pile. A doglegged mahogany staircase, circa 1810.

An early 19th century window that once lit the upper stairway now resides within the rear extension enclosure. Some six-panel doors survive throughout, others have been substituted with modern replacements. There is an early 19th century stone fireplace and a timber beam with a bead mould in the ground floor east room.

Within the roof space a pegged A-frame timber roof survives. The 18th century roof timbers in the west outbuildings are pegged through a halved lap join, not the more common lap joint.

A stone entrance connecting the two buildings has part of a reused chamfered lintel.

West outbuildings: a complete early 18th century pegged timber roof survives - circa 1720 - with a new roof constructed above.

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