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Historic Jersey buildings

Les Chasses Cottage, St John


This property should not be confused with La Chasse Farm, which is nearby, nor with Les Chasses, the grand house whose access road starts behind the cottage

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The raised roof shows very clearly viewed from the rear

Property name

Les Chasses Cottage

Other names

La Chasse Cottage [1]


Rue des Servais, St John [2]

Type of property

Single storey cottage with raised roof and dormers [3]

Families associated with the property


  • IGD EGD 1739 - For Jean Godel and Esther Godel, of St Lawrence, who married in St John on 27 February 1732 [4]
  • The property has behind it a stone reputed to mark the centre of the Island [5]

Historic Environment Record entry

Not listed, according to the record. Perhaps the planners were so disappointed by what had already been done to the property that they decided not to list it and just included a simple description: 'Single storey, five-bay house with original facade and two original windows. There are also east and west chimneys with thatch dripstones. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.'

Old Jersey Houses

Datestone included in Volume Two but the property is not otherwise mentioned

Notes and references

  1. The HER entry is not the first example of confusion between La Chasse and Les Chasses. This property, according to current almanacs and the sign on its wall, is Les Chasses Cottage, not as shown by HER. La Chasse means that a property has a drive (chase) between the house and the road. Les Chasses signifies that there are two separate entrances. It is clear from the photographs that the name of the house hardly befits its roadside location, having no drive at all. The cottage was perhaps previously some sort of gatehouse for Les Chasses behind
  2. Not Rue du Servais, as shown in the datestone register
  3. Could there be a worse example of an attractive Jersey granite cottage being ruined by insensitive alterations? The roof has clearly been raised to create an extra storey of living accommodation with dormer windows. No attempt has been made to match the original granite at the front, rear or on the roadside gable end. A poorly-fitted downpipe just adds to the unfortunate appearance of what must once have been a very attractive country cottage
  4. It has not been possible to fit Jean or Esther into any of our family trees. They had a daughter Esther in 1738
  5. Although the house next door is called Centre House, this location seems too far east to be described as the centre of the island
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