La Ferme Grandet

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La Ferme Grandet

One of the datestones at this property in Rue Golarde, St Lawrence, previously known as Lowlands, bears the date 1724, but that is certainly not the date of the facade of the house which is more likely to be 19th century, or possibly late-18th.

It was almost certainly rebuilt for the Helleur family, but owned earlier by the Le Cras family, as evidenced by two datestones:

  • NLC MM 1724 - for Noe Le Cras and Marie Marett. The date almost certainly does not relate to their marriage, for which no record appears to exist, because their son George was born in 1723.
  • FHL MRD 1836 for Francois Helleur and Marie Rondel, who married in 1827. Their grandson, Frederick Daniel Helleur eventually inherited the property, but it was subsequently sold and the name changed to La Ferme Grandet.
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