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Rochard Vicq, son and heir of Thomas Vicq (1734-1776) sold Francheville to Thomas Payn in about 1816, and he developed it into the grand, walled mansion which stands today. Another Thomas Payn sold the house to Francois Neel in 1860.

He could not make the farm pay and in 1874 it was sold to Jean Le Neveu, former Constable of St Clement, and son of Jean of Seaforth.

Jean married his second cousin Elizabeth Anne Le Neveu, daughter of Jean and Betsy Nancy Much. Betsy Much was the daughter of baker William Much and Jean was also a baker, the son of baker Philippe-Jacques Le Neveu. Elizabeth Anne inherited a sizeable property portfolio from her parents, and died at the age of 28 in 1863, leaving her husband to manage all 14 properties, including houses in St Clement, St Helier and Grouville.

He consolidated his holdings, selling a number of small properties and buying Francheville, but after he died, his son John Philip Le Neveu sold the house to Jurat Thomas Payn in 1895, and he in turn sold it to Gedeon Paul Perredes, who owned it for only a year before selling it to Reginald Philip Picot.

It was sold by his heirs in October 1937 to Blanche Nicol, wife of Edward Mitchell.

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