La Guillaumerie Farm

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Historic Jersey buildings

La Guillaumerie, St Saviour


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Property name

La Guillaumerie

Other names

  • La Guillaumerie Farm


Rue de La Guillaumerie [1]

Type of property

Former farm and outbuildings


HER refers to a datestone in the east gable but does not identify it, and it is not recorded elsewhere

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Mid-19th century origins, circa 1834. Former farm group comprising farmhouse with ranges of converted outbuildings forming courtyard to north. Two-storey, three-bay house with side wings.

Notes and references

  1. The name of the road is variously found spelt Guillaumerie and Guilleaumerie, the second version apparently now being adopted as the postal address for properties on the road. However, the traditional spelling of the family name in the Island was Guillaume. It is believed that Mathieu Guillaume, in about 1603, originally built and lived in La Vieille Guillaumerie, on the east side of the road, although this property, having been rebuilt in the 18th century, retains few signs of antiquity, and that the road was named after this property. Other properties bearing the name, on the other side of the road, are believed to have taken their name from the road, not the family. The family name spelt Guilleaume did not appear in Jersey church records until the mid-19th century, and only on the western side of the island. Rue de la Guilleaumerie is, therefore, a spelling error which has been perpetuated since the late 20th century and is found in almanacs, the HER website and the Jersey Datestone Register
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