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La Préférence, Rue de la Frontière, was acquired by Clement Renouf in 1612 from Philippe Journeaux. Its oldest datestones, of 1699 and 1707, both show the initials of Clement Renouf (grandson of the above Clement) and Rebecca Le Gros.

A couple of more recent stones record the Renouf owners a century or more later. One just has the initials EDP for Elizabeth Dupré (wife of Charles Hugh Renouf, senior) with her age, 63.

Her gravestone by the wall of Saint Mary’s church shows that she died in October 1817 aged 65, so she would have been 63 in 1814/15 around the time of another stone, when presumably that part of the house was built or rebuilt. The other 1814 stone commemorates the marriage of Charles Hugh Renouf (junior, eldest son) and Jeanne Anne Dupré. The initials of the latter look like “ADP” but a dot over the vertical line of the slanting “A” indicates a hidden “J”.

Jeanne Anne Dupré was from the same branch of the family as Elizabeth, her mother-in-law. In 1811 she married Charles Hugh Renouf junior, a ship owner and master mariner, but he had died by 1821, according to a land record. In 1819 he was captain of the schooner-brig Industry and the shipping register shows the vessel as “lost” in that year.

The Lloyds List refers to the Industry having been spotted by another ship in June 1819 “completely waterlogged with no person on board at latitude 42, longitude 42” (right in the middle of the Atlantic) – it certainly seems that he was lost at sea. His daughter, Anne Renouf, who married Jean Mahier, inherited the house from her grandfather Charles Hugh Renouf senior, who died in 1837, and sold it in 1840 to Jean Le Couteur.

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