La Rocco Tower

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A painting of La Rocco Tower in the early 18th century
La Rocco Tower, restored in the 1970s after being damaged during the Second World War

La Rocco Tower stands towards the southern end of St Ouen's Bay. There is a large rock, whose name is almost certainly derived from Rocque-hou, meaning rocky island, and between 1796 and 1800 a round tower was built on it as part of the island's defences against the French.

It is surrounded by the sea at half tide, but at low tide it can easily be reached from the shore.

It was severely damaged during or shortly after World War Two, but not through its use as a target for German gunnery practice, as is commonly believed. In the 1970s public demand, orchestrated by the then Rector of St John, the Rev Peter Manton, led to the States of Jersey deciding to repair and restore the tower.

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